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Retinoblastoma — Proton Therapy in Children: treatment in the Best Hospitals in the World

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University Hospital Essen
Specialized hospital

University Hospital Essen

Overall rating 9.6 / 10

Department of Adult and Pediatric Proton Therapy

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Proton Therapy offers the full range of proton treatment and it is one of the leading and most progressive medical facilities of this kind not only in Germany, but throughout the world. The proton therapy is mostly used for the treatment of tumors of the eye, brain, spine and pelvic organs. Also, the proton therapy is an excellent treatment of tumors in children, since it has a minimal negative effect on the immature, sensitive tissues of the child’s body.

Beate Timmermann
Prof. Dr. med.Beate Timmermann
Price: 57459.04
Charite University Hospital Berlin
Specialized hospital

Center for Proton Therapy BerlinProtonen

The Center for Proton Therapy BerlinProtonen offers advanced proton therapy for the treatment of benign and malignant eye tumors. Since 1998, the department has successfully used proton therapy for the treatment of neoplasms of the choroid, iris and ciliary body. Thanks to the highly effective treatment of intraocular tumors, the center has gained an excellent reputation in the European medical arena. Over the years of the center’s clinical practice, the coordinated and productive work of medical physicists, radiation therapists and ophthalmologists has improved the accuracy and efficiency of proton therapy. As of today, innovative proton therapy helps to control tumor growth and maintain the functionality of the affected eye in 96% of patients.

Andrea Denker
Dr. rer. nat.Andrea Denker
Price: 41777.11

Department of Proton Therapy

The Department of Proton Therapy specializes in the treatment of cancer in adults and children using the innovative Varian Probeam system. Proton therapy is the most accurate, safest and most sparing method of radiation therapy for cancer. The technique allows the doctors to effectively destroy malignant cells by increasing the dose of radiation and at the same time has a minimal negative effect on healthy organs and tissues. The department's specialists annually admit more than 800 patients from Russia and other countries of the world, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel and Kuwait. The department has been operating since 2017, but in such a short time it has managed to gain an excellent reputation in the field of its competence. The treatment success rates are comparable to those of the best clinics in Europe and the USA.

Berezina Natalia Alexandrovna
Dr. med.Berezina Natalia Alexandrovna

Department of Adult and Pediatric Proton Therapy

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Proton Therapy offers the most advanced and accurate form of radiotherapy currently available to treat various cancers. The department has 5 specialized treatment rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including IBA Proton Technology, Pencil Beam Scanning, Patlog™ from a Swedish firm called ONCOlog etc. The department also has a specially designed room for eye treatment. A feature of the department is that it deals with the treatment of young patients. Each specialist working here sets a goal not only to provide excellent treatment quality, but also to please patients with high standards of patient care.

Jiří Kubeš
Asst. Prof. Dr. med.Jiří Kubeš
Price: 23170.54