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Department of Hand Surgery (302868)

Shalom Stahl

Prof. Dr. med.

Shalom Stahl

Specialized in: hand surgery

The Department of Hand Surgery at Rambam Health Care Campus specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of severe trauma wounds, diseases and deformities of the upper limbs. Carrying out extensive clinical and surgical activities, the Department is recognized as the top medical institution in the field of hand surgery in Haifa and the North of the country. The chief physician of the Department of Hand Surgery is Prof. Shalom Stahl, specializes in congenital hand malformations, nerve damage and trauma, including war injuries. 

The Department of Hand Surgery at Rambam uses the most advanced technologies and techniques in the field, such as microscopic surgery to implant electrodes for electrical stimulation. The clinical focuses include surgical arthroscopic diagnosis and treatments, implantation of electrodes, repair and reconstruction of congenital deformities, as well as first aid in the event of trauma to the upper limbs, including battle injuries. In addition, the Department of Hand Surgery under the direction of Prof. Shalom Stahl specializes in reconstructive surgery for skin deformities caused by severe skin diseases, finger repair and reconstruction after severe injuries, as well as treatment of growths on the hands.

The Department of Hand Surgery at Rambam Health Care Campus, led by Prof. Shalom Stahl, provides the following surgical treatments:

  • Habitual dislocation of the shoulder
  • Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Reconstructive surgery for congenital deformities of the upper limbs
  • Surgical treatment of finger arthritis

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