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Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa

Rambam Health Care Campus is the largest and the most advanced hospital in Northern Israel. Founded in 1938, the medical center has a long history and a rich experience in providing comprehensive medical services in all medical specialties. Ramdam serves over 2 million residents of the country, as well as the Israel Defense Forces, UN Peacekeeping Forces and the US 6th Fleet. Rambam Health Care Campus has 61 inpatient departments, 73 specialty departments, 10 medical institutes and 25 central laboratories. It is also the clinical and academic base of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

The medical institution is staffed by a total of 4,000 employees (715 physicians and 1407 nurses) working for the benefit of all patients. In addition, many of Rambam’s physicians are world-renowned in their clinical specialty and participate in cutting-edge research projects to bring new treatments not only to their patients, but also to the world community. 

Rambam has become a world leader in mass trauma and casualty treatment. 

Furthermore, Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital is part of the medical center. This is a multidisciplinary medical institution specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children and offering its services in any field of medicine. 

Rambam Health Care Campus has its own vision and values intending that the medical care is focused on the patient with his needs and wishes, while medical services must be professional, high-quality and secure. In addition, there is always a necessity for providing the newest and most innovative medical treatments available in Israel and worldwide, as well as for creating a supportive environment that promotes the patient’s physical and emotional health and well-being. A tolerant attitude towards all patients is also very important in Rambam. 



Patients rooms

The cozy patient rooms have all necessary things to ensure a comfortable hospital stay during the treatment. The furnishing includes a bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe for personal belongings. 
TV can be rented. 

Meals and Menus

The patients are offered breakfasts, meat lunches and dinners. You should ask the medical staff to order breakfast and favorite dishes for lunch and dinner.

Further details

Standard rooms include:





About the city

Haifa is the third-largest city in the State of Israel, as well as one of most picturesque cities in the Middle East. Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, the city has a long history of over 3,000 years. Haifa is proud to serve as a model for Jewish-Arab coexistence, since they live here together in full harmony. 

The Baha'i Gardens is the biggest and the most impressive attraction of the city, while the Baha'i Shrine with its golden dome is the city's landmark monument. The sights also include the Stella Maris Monastery, the Cave of Elijah, the Mane Katz Museum and many others.

Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa:
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