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Gamma Knife Center (253167)

Hans Clusmann

Prof. Dr. med.

Hans Clusmann

Specialized in: oncology

The Gamma Knife Center at the University Hospital Aachen is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Hans Clusmann. Gamma Knife has been installed since July 1998 in University Hospital Aachen and it is operated in cooperation with the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Radiotherapy. Since then, around 1,800 patients with various diseases (statistics of 01.2008) have been treated with Gamma Knife in the Gamma Knife Center, headed by Prof. Dr. med. Hans Clusmann, especially meningiomas and metastases patients.

Of the 258 patients who have been treated with Gamma Knife in four studies, satisfactory results were achieved in 90% of the cases. A detectable growth arrest or tumor shrinkage in the course of investigation is considered as successful in the radiosurgery of meningioma. Recent studies also show that Gamma Knife leads to similar survival periods by the treatment of multiple metastases as the craniotomy (surgical removal). The low cost of radiosurgery, which is compared to craniotomy and its operational complications, indicates that radiosurgery with Gamma Knife is an ideal method for the treatment of most intracranial metastases.


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