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Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology - University Hospital Marburg UKGM

University Hospital Marburg UKGM

Marburg, Germany
Department id # 90
Doctor photo
Prof. Dr. med. Walter Sekundo
Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology
Specialized in: adult and pediatric ophthalmology

About the Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology at University Hospital Marburg UKGM

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Marburg UKGM offers the full range of medical services for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the eyes, eye muscles, lacrimal ducts and eyelids. The department’s priority clinical focuses include corneal surgery, refractive eye surgery, eye lens surgery, retinal surgery, eyelid surgery and glaucoma treatment. Medical care is provided in close collaboration with specialists in the field of pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, otolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery. The department provides patients with first-class comprehensive treatment that meets international medical standards. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Walter Sekundo.

The department has four state-of-the-art operating rooms for ophthalmic interventions of any severity. The most demanded interventions include corneal transplantation (perforated keratoplasty, lamellar procedures, for example, DMEK and DSAEK), refractive eye surgery to correct visual impairment (modern procedures using excimer and femtosecond lasers – Femto-Lasik, Lasik, FLEx, Lasek), removal of eyelid and orbital neoplasms, eyelid plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery of the tear duct, cataract, glaucoma surgery, vitreous removal in case of diabetic lesions, treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

The department has an excellent reputation in the field of glaucoma treatment. The arsenal includes the very latest diagnostic methods. In addition to visual acuity testing, the department regularly carries out visual field examinations to monitor the optic nerve function, an assessment of the optic nerve head (by biomicroscopic examination), and intraocular pressure measurement (applanation or dynamic tonometry). The department also offers the opportunity to assess the condition of the optic disc using a three-dimensional laser (HRT).

The department is proud of its outstanding results in the treatment of tumors of the eye and its appendages. Particular attention is paid to choroidal melanoma. The department is part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, and therefore it has access to all modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods for the effective fight against malignant neoplasms.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • Selection of glasses, contact lenses
  • Electrophysiological studies
  • Imaging ophthalmologic diagnostics (for example, angiography, optical coherence tomography, ultrasound)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma
  • Diagnostics and treatment of corneal diseases
    • All corneal transplant procedures
    • Penetrating keratoplasty
    • Lamellar keratoplasty
    • Deep anterior keratoplasty
    • Penetrating keratoplasty
    • Amniotic membrane transplantation
    • Autologous stem cell transplantation
    • Manual keratectomy
    • Phototherapeutic keratectomy (also using mitomycin C)
    • Pterygium excision with a free autologous conjunctival transplant (with and without mitomycin C)
    • Treatment of severe corneal defects using cyanoacrylate glue
    • Autologous scleral grafting in case of corneal and scleral defects
    • Crosslinking for keratoconus
  • Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the eyelids and tear duct
    • Eyelid deformities (for example, ectropion, entropion, distichiasis)
    • Age-related eyelid changes (for example, droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes)
    • Cosmetic eyelid problems (for example, blepharochalasis, ptosis, bags under the eyes, xanthelasma, scars)
    • Eyelid neoplasms (benign and malignant tumors, for example, basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma)
    • Probing and irrigation of the lacrimal ducts
    • Nasolacrimal intubation
    • Surgical treatment of lacrimation (dacryocystorhinostomy)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of benign and malignant neoplasms of the eye, eye appendages
  • Refractive eye surgery (laser vision correction)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of retinal and vitreous diseases
  • Diagnostics and treatment of strabismus in adults and children
  • Diagnostics and treatment of amblyopia in adults and children
  • Diagnostics and treatment of nystagmus in adults and children
  • Diagnostics and treatment of eye movement disorders
  • Diagnostics and treatment of neurological diseases with eye lesions
  • Diagnostics and treatment of general eye diseases in children and adolescents
  • Diagnostics and treatment of thyroid diseases with eye lesions (endocrine ophthalmopathy)
  • Other medical services

Curriculum vitae

In 1991, Prof. Dr. med. Walter Sekundo defended his doctoral dissertation at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt on chest radiography as a prognostic factor for evaluating the course of pneumocystis pneumonia in AIDS patients. Since 1992, the doctor has been involved in ophthalmology. He underwent professional medical training at the University Hospitals in Glasgow and Bonn. In 1997, he was appointed Senior Physician in the Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Marburg UKGM. From 2006 to 2008, he served as Deputy Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Mainz. Since December 1, 2008, he has been heading the Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Marburg UKGM. In addition, he is Professor for Ophthalmology at the Phillips University of Marburg. 

Prof. Sekundo devotes a lot of time to research. Of particular interest to him is ophthalmic surgery. He focuses on diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, corneal pathologies, cataract and refractive eye surgery.

For his work in the field of refractive eye surgery, Prof. Sekundo and his colleague Markus Blum were awarded the First Prize of the American Association of Surgeons in Cataract and Refractive Eye Surgery in the category "Instruments and Devices" (2008). Later that year they were awarded the Second Prize for the Video Work of the German Society of Ophthalmology. In 2010, both specialists were awarded Leonard Klein Prize for their work on femtosecond vision correction using lenticular removal (FLEX), a new method for the surgical treatment of myopia.

Photo of the doctor: (c) UKGM - Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg GmbH