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Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology - University Hospital Bonn

University Hospital Bonn

Bonn, Germany
Department id # 113799
Doctor photo
Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Bootz
Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology
Specialized in: adult and pediatric otolaryngology

About the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at University Hospital Bonn

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the University Hospital Bonn provides the diagnostics and treatment of all head and neck diseases. It offers the whole range of surgical treatment of otolaryngological disorders, ranging from the removal of tonsils to complex skull base surgery and cochlear implantation. Special attention is paid to cancer and reconstructive surgery. There is maintained close interdisciplinary cooperation, namely the department is part of the Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) Cologne/Bonn. The Chief Physician of the department is Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Bootz.

The department has a modern Diagnostic Center that offers patients all the capabilities of diagnosing the sensory organs. In addition to the standard methods of hearing check-up, the department routinely applies such techniques as differentiated testing of touch and taste, functional testing of the facial nerve, brainstem audiometry (ABR, auditory brainstem response audiometry), otoacoustic emission testing (OAE). Of particular importance is pediatric audiometry for the diagnostics of hearing impairment in infancy, including appropriate hearing rehabilitation with the help of hearing aids. For vestibular assessment, the department uses modern methods of videonystagmography and electronystagmography, as well as caloric testing of the vestibular system. A modern ultrasound machine provides the accurate diagnostics of neck and salivary gland diseases.

The department ranks among the leaders of ENT surgery in Germany. The surgeons have a broad arsenal of the very latest medical technologies. These include, for example, modern surgical microscopes, endoscopes with cameras and high-resolution screens, intraoperative neuromonitoring devices, etc. The surgical procedures on the middle ear, including cochlear implantation, are performed using modern operating microscopes. A large number of laryngeal interventions are performed using a laser. The highest accuracy in the paranasal sinus and skull base surgery is achieved through the use of intraoperative navigation, etc.

Priority is given to surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery. The most common cancers faced by the surgeons of the department include malignant neoplasms of the larynx, as well as ear tumors and other head and neck tumors. Thanks to close cooperation with other Cancer Centers, the doctors are able to develop optimal integrated treatment programs. The decision on the use of primary and adjuvant therapy are made with the participation of radiation therapists, oncologists, and therapists.

The service range is complemented by outpatient care in such fields as allergology, follow-up care after cancer treatment, plastic surgery, cochlear implantation, somnology/ronchopathy, etc.

The diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of the department includes the following options:

  • Diagnostics of diseases of the ear, throat, nose
    • Standard methods of hearing check-up
    • Differentiated testing of touch and taste
    • Functional testing of the facial nerve
    • Brainstem audiometry (ABR, auditory brainstem response audiometry)
    • Otoacoustic emission test (OAE)
    • Pediatric audiology assessment
    • Videonystagmography and electronystagmography for balance testing
    • Other diagnostic methods
  • Conventional otolaryngology
    • Diagnostic and treatment of ear diseases (outer ear, middle ear and mastoid, inner ear)
    • Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses
    • Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the larynx, trachea, upper respiratory tract, etc.
    • Diagnostics and treatment of salivary glands
    • Diagnostics and treatment of tear ducts
    • Diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders (somnology)
    • Diagnostics and treatment of swallowing disorders
    • Diagnostics and treatment of allergies
  • Operative otolaryngology
    • Installation of cochlear implants
    • Ear surgery
    • Nose and paranasal sinus surgery
    • Orbital and tear duct surgery (in collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology)
    • Skull base surgery
    • Oral and nasopharyngeal surgery
    • Laryngeal and pharyngeal surgery
    • Neck and thyroid surgery
    • Tracheal surgery
    • Esophageal surgery
    • Major salivary gland surgery
    • Facial nerve surgery, surgical treatment of facial nerve paralysis (facial paralysis)
    • Reconstructive surgery using flap surgical methods
    • Plastic aesthetic interventions ("cosmetic" surgery)
    • Special otolaryngologic surgery in infancy and childhood
  • Diagnostics and treatment of other otolaryngologic diseases and malformations of the ear, throat, nose

Curriculum vitae

  • 1973 - 1976 Study of Medical Informatics in Heidelberg.
  • 1976 - 1981 Study of Human Medicine at the University of Tuebingen followed by a practical year at the District Hospital in Friedrichshafen.
  • 1982 Admission to medical practice and doctoral degree at the University of Tuebingen.
  • 1982 Beginning of the postgraduate training in Otolaryngology at the Department of Otolaryngology in the University Hospital Tuebingen.
  • 1986 - 1987 Senior Resident at the Department of Otolaryngology of the University of Liverpool.
  • 1987 Board certification in Otolaryngology and appointment as Acting Senior Physician in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University Hospital Tuebingen.
  • 1989 - 1995 Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University Hospital Tuebingen.
  • 1990 Additional qualification in Plastic Surgery.
  • 1991 Habilitation and Venia legendi in Otolaryngology.
  • 1995 Facultative further education in Operative Otolaryngology.
  • 1995 Invitation to the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Leipzig, appointment as a University Professor.
  • 1995 Authorization from the Saxon State Medical Chamber to conduct advanced trainings in Otolaryngology (Plastic Surgery) and advanced trainings in Special Otolaryngologic Surgery.
  • 2002 Invitation to the Department of Otolaryngology of the University of Bonn.
  • 2008 Appointment as a Visiting Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the Victor Babeş University in Timişoara, Romania.
  • 2010 Honorary doctorate awarded by Victor Babeş University in Timişoara, Romania.
  • 2014 Advancement Award of the Prof. Dr. Ludwig Haymann Foundation of the German Society of Otolaryngology in the field of Head and Neck Surgery.
  • 2016 Honorary Professor of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, China.

Membership in Professional Societies

  • German Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.
  • German Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.
  • German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (DGPW).
  • German Cancer Society.
  • German Society for Skull Base Surgery (DGSB).
  • Spanish-German Society of Otolaryngology, Face and Head Surgery.
  • German Society for Computer- and Robot- Assisted Surgery (CURAC).
  • Association of West German Otolaryngologists.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Universitätsklinikum Bonn