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Department of Adult and Pediatric Gynecology, Obstetrics and Mammology (26211)

Tanja Fehm

Prof. Dr. med.

Tanja Fehm

Specialized in: adult and pediatric gynecology, obstetrics, mammology

According to the Focus magazine rating, the Department of Adult and Pediatric Gynecology, Obstetrics and Mammology at the University Hospital Duesseldorf ranks among the top German departments specializing in breast cancer treatment!

The department offers the full range of services in these medical fields. In the field of gynecology, it provides the diagnostics and treatment of all pathologies of the female reproductive system, including the gynecological problems in girls aged from 0 to 18 years. The department's obstetricians provide quality care for expectant mothers before, during and after pregnancy. The department's scope of activities also includes the management of high-risk pregnancies. The key focus of clinical activities is the treatment of oncological diseases of the female genital organs, including breast cancer. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Tanja Fehm. She is a highly qualified world-class specialist and is regularly included in the ranking of the top German doctors according to the prestigious medical journal Focus!

For her outstanding achievements in the treatment of oncological diseases of the female genital organs and mammary gland, the department is certified by the German Cancer Society and also has a ClarCert DIN EN ISO 9001: 20015 certificate, which indicates the highest standards of medical care.

The process of cancer treatment begins with a comprehensive examination, which allows to determine the type of disease, its stage, precise localization, etc. Then the diagnostic results are discussed at an interdisciplinary tumor board, within which a customized treatment plan is developed. In many cases, doctors manage to avoid extensive and traumatic surgical interventions, since the surgeons of the department are fluent in minimally invasive techniques, by using which the tumor is removed through several small incisions. In addition, if desired, the patients of the departments can take part in clinical trials of innovative drugs that are not yet available for most patients. A necessary aspect of therapy is the help of qualified psychologists.

Another priority of clinical activities is mammology. The specialists in this field provide a comprehensive counseling, diagnostics and treatment of all benign and malignant breast diseases. Breast cancer treatment is carried out in interdisciplinary collaboration with all the necessary experts from the related fields. If possible, sparing treatments are used, but in the progressive stages, surgeons still have to resort to radical surgical interventions. In such cases, patients are offered modern reconstructive and cosmetic procedures for breast reconstruction.

The department also provides high-quality prenatal diagnostics, professional management of pregnancy, including high-risk pregnancy, as well as first-class obstetric services and postnatal care for both mother and baby. In case of the development of any complications in either mother or child, for example, premature birth, birth defects in the infant, emergency conditions, a specially trained team of specialists will provide the necessary medical care. The future mothers are offered four cozy delivery rooms equipped with modern delivery beds, delivery chairs, exercise balls and baths for water childbirth. The department also offers various methods of anesthesia, for example, acupuncture, homeopathy and aromatherapy before and during childbirth, epidural anesthesia.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • Adult gynecology
    • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers
      • Cervical cancer
      • Uterine cancer
      • Vulvar cancer
      • Ovarian cancer
      • Metastases
    • Diagnosis and treatment of precancerous conditions (for example, cervical dysplasia)
    • Diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids
    • Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis
    • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence
    • Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
    • Diagnosis and treatment of infectious, inflammatory gynecological diseases
    • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility
    • Psycho-oncological care
    • Social services and self-help groups
  • Pediatric gynecology
    • Ovarian cysts
    • Recurrent genital infections (for example, accompanied by itching and discharge)
    • Pathological changes in the genital lips (for example, lichen sclerosus)
    • Labial fusion
    • Circulatory disorders
    • Premature puberty
    • Delayed puberty
    • Disorders of sexual differentiation
    • Help in suspected sexual abuse
  • Mammology (diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer, benign diseases)
    • Diagnostics
      • Mammography
      • Ultrasound mammography
      • Elastography
      • 3D sonography
      • Dopplerography
      • Magnetic resonance imaging
      • Ultrasound- or MRI-guided biopsy
    • Therapy
      • Surgical treatment
      • Radiotherapy (including intraoperative radiotherapy)
      • Clinical trials
      • Chemotherapy
    • Follow-up care and monitoring
  • Obstetrics
    • Prenatal diagnostics
      • Comprehensive prenatal ultrasound diagnostics (DEGUM II)
      • 3D/4D ultrasound examinations
      • Invasive diagnostics (for example, amniotic fluid test)
      • Genetic testing and counseling
      • Management of high-risk pregnancy (for example, in gestosis, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases, multiple pregnancies)
      • Examination of the fallopian tube patency (in fertility treatment)
    • Delivery (also water birth)
    • Pain relief before and during childbirth (acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, epidural anesthesia)
    • Postpartum care for both mother and baby
    • Courses for expectant mothers, newborn care courses
  • Other medical services

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