University Hospital Erlangen

Erlangen, Germany

Department of Thoracic Surgery

Horia Sirbu

Prof. Dr. med.

Horia Sirbu

Specialized in: thoracic surgery

The range of Thoracic Surgery Department services covers the entire thoracic surgery. The patients with lung cancer are offered an opinion at interdisciplinary and operational level within the overall cancer concept. It includes advanced tumor resections for extensive tumors after radiation and chemotherapy. Another direction is a surgical laser technique preserving the lung parenchyma, which, among other things, allows for intervention with tissue preservation upon lung metastases.

One of the main advantages of Thoracic Surgery Department in Erlangen is a close integration with the other involved disciplines, i.e. radiotherapy, oncology, pulmonology, general surgery and radiology. This improves the chances of survival in many cases. Due to inclusion of thoracic surgery to the tumor center in Erlangen, the full data synchronization and close contact with the attending colleagues is maintained at all times. The other priorities of the department are sparing corrections of chest deformities, such as chest funnel, and successful treatment of abnormal sweating (hyperhidrosis) by minimally invasive endoscopic sympathetic blockade.

Medical services:

  • anatomical and extended resection methods for lung cancer, incl. cuff resection
  • malignant mesothelioma of the pleura
  • mediastinal tumor
  • laser surgery
  • tracheal surgery
  • tumors of the chest wall and plastic reconstructive surgery of the chest wall

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