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Department of Adult and Pediatric Diagnostic, Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology (326818)

Walter Heindel

Prof. Dr. med.

Walter Heindel

Specialized in: adult and pediatric diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, neuroradiology

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Diagnostic, Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology at the University Hospital Muenster is one of the best institutions of its kind in Germany and offers patients the full range of radiological studies and imaging-guided minimally invasive therapy. The department’s scope of tasks also includes imaging diagnostics in children of all age groups, detection and invasive treatment of cerebral vascular pathology (neuroradiology). Patient care is provided both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Walter Heindel.

In addition to the conventional diagnostic methods, namely CT and PET-CT, as well as MRI and PET-MRI, the department specializes in radiological senology (diagnostics of the female and male mammary glands). Depending on the examination purpose, digital mammography, digital tomosynthesis, high-frequency ultrasound with various methods of biopsy sampling can be used. Radiological senology is the central component of the certified Breast Center and one of the 15 centers in Germany participating in the project of German consortium for the examination of family oncological diseases of the breast and ovaries.

The department is also fitted out with the equipment for diagnostic angiography and minimally invasive interventions. It performs about 1,500 imaging-guided examinations and therapeutic procedures. The possibilities of CT, MRI, and catheter angiography are available for the diagnostics of thrombosis. These methods are used in the case of both arterial and venous lesions. The choice of a method depends on the examination purpose. If CT or MRI scans are used for the examination of arteries and veins, then catheter angiography serves to diagnose and treat vascular diseases.

The service range of the department includes:

Diagnostic radiology

  • Computed tomography (CT) and positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission magnetic resonance imaging (PET-MRI)
  • Radiological senology
    • Digital mammography
    • Digital tomosynthesis
    • High-resolution ultrasound, including color doppler and elastography
    • Biopsy under ultrasound, X-ray and MRI guidance
    • Examination for determination of the cancer stage with the use of MRI and CT before surgical intervention
  • Angiography (method for diagnostics of blood vessels)
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Radiography
  • Other radiological examinations

Imaging-guided minimally invasive treatment of vascular diseases

  • Elimination of chronic and acute stenosis or occlusion of the pelvic vessels and leg arteries using modern technologies (balloon angioplasty and stenting)
  • Elimination of chronic or acute stenosis or the arterial occlusion of the internal organs using modern technologies (balloon angioplasty and stenting)
  • Elimination of chronic or acute stenosis or shunt vascular occlusion for hemodialysis
  • Treatment of stenosis or renal arterial occlusion
  • Treatment of secondary complications after aneurysm therapy (embolization in endoleakage, vascular recanalization, etc.)
  • Treatment of vascular anomalies on the trunk, internal organs and limbs in children and adults
  • Other minimally invasive techniques

Imaging-guided minimally invasive treatment of oncological diseases

  • Liver tumors
    • Transarterial chemoembolization
    • Intra-arterial embolization
    • Selective internal radiation therapy
    • Radiofrequency ablation
    • Microwave ablation
  • Occlusion of the affected vessels before surgery on the musculoskeletal system and internal organs
  • Other services

Other therapeutic options

  • Implantation of transjugular portosystemic shunts for the treatment of portal hypertension, etc.
  • Gynecological embolization (for the treatment of uterine fibroids, Iliac vein compression syndrome, pelvic congestion syndrome)
  • Treatment of prostatic hyperplasia (prostatic embolization)
  • Male varicocele treatment (embolization/sclerotization)
  • Other services

Pediatric radiology (examinations in children of all age groups, including newborns and young children)

  • Ultrasound examinations of all organs and anatomical structures
  • X-ray
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Other services


  • Diagnostics of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system (brain and spine) with neuroimaging techniques
  • Other services

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