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About us ATOS Fleetinsel Clinic Hamburg

The Fleetinsel Clinic Hamburg is one of the leading German clinics specializing in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. Located on the historical Fleetinsel in Hamburg, the clinic is renowned for many years of experience and expertise. The clinic specializes in spinal, joint and foot surgeries, vascular surgery, treatment of sports trauma, hernias and other types of orthopedic diseases.  

Particular attention is paid to the personalized counseling. The medical team takes all the time necessary to find the perfect treatment. The treatment strategy is discussed and agreed together with the patient. Therefore, the medical institution finds itself on the top of the list for "patient satisfaction".

The patients always feel comfortable – from admission up to release from the health care facility. Both pleasant atmosphere and modern interior of the clinic also support speedy recovery of patients.

The Fleetinsel Clinic Hamburg is forward thinking with the highest quality standards, constantly working to improve services for patients. The clinic offers advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques. Doctors always choose surgical techniques with a focus on safety patients. Surgeries only take place in the state-of-the-art operating room, which meets all current technical standards.

About the city

Frankfurt am Main is a city located in the land of Hesse. It is the most technologically advanced and the most modern city of Germany, which is considered an important economic, cultural and tourist center, as well as the most important transport hub.

For lovers of art and painting, Frankfurt offers a large number of museums, most of which are located on the seafront in the Sachsenhausen district: the Museum of German Architecture, the Museum of German Cinematography, the Museum of the Icon, the Municipal Museum of Sculpture, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Regional Art Gallery, the Museum of Communication and many others.

Römerberg is the historical center of the city, located around the town hall of Römer. Here one can see beautiful old churches, for example, the of St. Paul’s Church and the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.

Frankfurt has many wonderful parks. In one of them, in the center of the lake, there is the castle of the Holzhausen dynasty. This building in the Rococo style was built in 1729. Today there are held exhibitions and concerts of classical music.

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