Best hospitals for breast augmentation (breast implants) in Turkey

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Breast augmentation with breast Implants
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TravelMEDI Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Adult and Pediatric Plastic Surgery

The TravelMEDI Clinic Istanbul is a progressive highly specialized medical facility with a focus on hair transplantation. This is one of the best clinics in Turkey and internationally. The clinic is oriented on foreign patients and is the only medical center in Turkey with the MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance) certificate
Breast augmentation with breast Implants
3396 help2696

Medicana International Ankara Hospital

location_onTurkey, Ankara

Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The Medicana International Ankara Hospital is one of the leading medical centers, which belongs to the largest medical network Medicana in Turkey. The hospital incorporates all specialties of the modern medicine under one roof. It particularly focuses on bone marrow transplantation, cardiology, cardiovascular surg
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The Medicana International Istanbul Hospital is a modern medical institution, which provides patients with an individual approach, excellent health service and attentive care. The hospital is part of the largest Turkish network of the Medicana hospitals. Due to its long successful clinical activities, the network has won th
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Memorial Ankara Hospital

location_onTurkey, Ankara

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Memorial Ankara Hospital is one of the largest private medical complexes in the capital of Turkey, where patients can undergo top-class diagnostics and treatment in all fields of modern medicine. The hospital is part of the prestigious Memorial Healthcare Group. The doors of the medical facility were first opened in 2014, an
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Memorial Atasehir Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Memorial Atasehir Hospital Istanbul is a private medical complex, within the walls of which the patient is expected to receive excellent medical care and responsive care. The medical complex is part of the Memorial Healthcare Group, which consists of 14 hospitals that provide a wide range of services. The hospital began its
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Adem and Havva Medical Center Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

The Adem and Havva Medical Center Istanbul positions itself as the leading medical facility in Turkey in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and dentistry. The clinic is widely known outside Turkey and annually admits for treatment patients from more than 45 countries. The medical center has over 15 years of clini
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul is the largest and leading medical complex in Turkey, which meets the highest standards of medical care when providing the advanced diagnostics and treatment using the very latest methods. The hospital is part of the Memorial Health Group – it was the first project of this provider of m
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Acibadem Healthcare Group Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Acibadem Healthcare Group Istanbul was founded in 1991 and in a short time has become one of the leading medical facilities not only in Turkey, but throughout the world. The medical group has developed rapidly for many year. Today, it consists of 22 hospitals and 19 outpatient clinics in 5 countries (in Turkey, Bulgaria, Hol
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul is a private multidisciplinary medical facility, which provides top-class diagnostics and treatment in the most comfortable conditions for each patient. The hospital was founded in 2006 and today can be proud of an excellent medical and technical base, excellent professional staff, au
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Medipol Mega University Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast augmentation with breast Implants
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Liv Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Liv Hospital Istanbul is one of the leading multidisciplinary medical facilities in Turkey, where the patient is provided with the highest quality medical service, a responsive care and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. The hospital was founded in 2013 and soon received one of the most prestigious international quality certif
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Dr. Cagri Sade Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

The Dr. Cagri Sade Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul is a progressive highly specialized clinic, which performs top-class plastic surgical interventions and conservative cosmetic procedures, the success of which is known not only in Turkey, but also in many foreign countries. The surgical procedures are performed by a leading plas
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic Antalya

location_onTurkey, Antalya

Department of Plastic Surgery

The SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic Antalya is one of the leading providers of high-quality services in the beauty industry in Turkey. The clinic's specialization covers hair transplantation using innovative FUE and DHI technologies, plastic surgery and dentistry. The medical complex has been successfully operating for mo
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Wish Clinic and Beauty Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplantation

The specialization of the Wish Clinic & Beauty Istanbul includes such medical fields as plastic surgery, liposuction, hair transplantation, as well as aesthetic medicine services. The clinic has been continuously operating for over 10 years. Due to the long experience of the specialists, who attend regular advanced training
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Rami Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic Surgery

The Rami Hospital Istanbul has the status of one of the best and most progressive medical facilities in Turkey. The foundation of the hospital dates back to 1998, but originally it was named the Bayrampasa Private Hospital. Over time, the medical facility has gone through extensive restoration works. It was also equipped with st
Breast augmentation with breast Implants

Gaziosmanpasa Hospital of Yeniyuzyil University

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Adult and Pediatric Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery

The Gaziosmanpasa Hospital of Yeniyuzyil University is a private maximum care medical facility with the high standards of patient care. The hospital began its activities in 1992 and during this time has gained an excellent reputation in Turkey and in many other countries of the world.
Breast augmentation with breast Implants
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Breast augmentation is a type of plastic surgery that corrects the shape and size of the mammary glands.

The duration of breast augmentation in Turkey is about 1-2 hours. The rehabilitation period after cosmetic surgery takes several days and is carried out in the best clinics of Turkey.

Breast augmentation in Turkey is performed by experienced surgeons. Breast implants in Turkey are made of the best materials. You can also perform breast reduction in Turkey. Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is in great demand among foreign patients.

Price for cosmetic surgery in Turkey is rather affordable. The average cost of breast implants is 6,000(€). The cost of surgery in Turkey is lower than in most countries.


Many men experience hair thinning with age. Most of them note the first changes in hair density after 35 years. After the age of 50 years, 85% of men develop bald spots and bald patches, which are noticeable not only to themselves, but also to those around them. Today, this problem can be successfully solved. In just 1 day, a hair transplant surgery will allow you to return the magnificent hair, look young and attractive.

How is hair transplanted? 

The Hair Transplant Clinics usually do this in one of two ways: 

  • manually;
  • using a robotic system.

In any case, the essence of the procedure is based on the fact that your own hair is taken where there is a lot of it, and transplanted where there is little hair. The back of the head and the side surfaces of the head are usually used as the donor sites. The follicles in these areas have good blood supply, so the hair does not fall out until very old age. They will be just as strong as in a new place. In these areas of the head, the follicles are less susceptible to the effects of male hormones, and therefore the patient will receive long-term results after a hair transplant.

If there is not enough hair on the head, there are other areas where they can be taken. In men, hair can also be taken from the chest or chin.

A hair transplant procedure can cure any alopecia. It is mostly used for androgenetic alopecia, but some patients with cicatricial alopecia can seek medical help when the hair stops growing only in certain areas of the scalp (for example, after an injury).

Follicular Units Extraction

The FUE hair transplant procedure is carried out in two stages. First, the doctor removes the grafts from the donor site, and then implants them into the scalp affected by alopecia.

A graft is a patch with several hair follicles. They can be from 1 to 4. More than 50% of the grafts on the human head contain 2 hair follicles. 4 or more hair follicles are rare: no more than 3-4% of the total.

The procedure begins with a haircut. The next step is skin anesthetization with a local anesthetic. The grafts are removed from the donor site one at a time. After that, they are inserted into the scalp at different angles using the Implanter Pen tool. To this end, the implants of different diameters (several tens of forms) are used, since different grafts have different sizes and differ in quality.

The doctor tries to implant more small grafts on the hairline: with one hair. The grafts with 2-4 hair follicles are placed in the depths of the scalp. The FUE technique provides a hair density of 100-150 per square centimeter. These are approximately 60 grafts. Such a concentration is enough to make a person's hair look thick as in youth.

The duration of the procedure may vary significantly from patient to patient. It depends on the amount of transplanted hair. On average, 4 thousand grafts are transplanted. With a manual procedure, this takes no more than 8 hours. Sometimes a large amount of hair is required. In this case, the treatment may continue for 2 days. Most patients need 6-12 hours to receive good hair density.

Robot-assisted hair transplant 

Many Turkish hospitals perform hair transplants using the ARTAS robotic system. The method is generally based on the same mechanisms, but it has many advantages:

  1. Lower loss of viable hair. When extracting grafts using the manual technique, the loss reaches 20%. In the case of using ARTAS, it is reduced to 8%. 
  2. High accuracy both during extraction and subsequent implantation of grafts into the scalp. 
  3. The procedure lasts much less time. Given the fact that the transplant lasts several hours, this is important for the patient. The use of ARTAS reduces the time spent on the hair transplant by 30-50%.   
  4. The computer calculates the number of follicles that need to be extracted. This eliminates situations, in which the donor site is excessively thinned.  
  5. The human factor is excluded. A hair transplant is performed by a robotic system that never gets tired and makes any mistakes.   

After treatment 

A hair transplant in Turkey takes only 1-2 days. In the vast majority of cases, doctors cope in 1 day. Hospitalization is not required. The procedure involves damage to the scalp, but the injuries inflicted are targeted. There are no extensive wound surfaces. The patient can take care of his skin on his own, at home. To do this, he will use the drugs that the doctor prescribes.

The wounds heal after 5 days. A complete healing with no visible scars takes up to 2 weeks. After this time, the scalp returns to the same condition as before treatment. About 2-3% of the transplanted hair falls out during this time. The remaining 97-98% of the grafts successfully survive. Gradually, the hair grows back. After a few months, when the hair length increases, a person can fully evaluate the results of alopecia treatment.

The patients are often interested in how long the results last? Will the hair fall out again?

After a hair transplant in Turkey, hair will not fall out. The fact is that the material for transplantation is taken from those parts of the head where the person has follicles insensitive to the effects of male hormones. The hair in this zone does not fall out even in very old people. The follicles remain stable after their transplantation.

The problem is that many men have old hair on their heads, namely those that have not yet had time to fall out, but have already thinned due to poor blood supply to the follicles. With the continued development of alopecia, the hair will thin further. But once again, it is not transplanted hair that falls out. The transplants perfectly survive and remain throughout life.

To slow down the loss of remaining hair, the doctor may prescribe special medications for the man. They are usually applied topically for treating scalp. In a few years, it will be possible to resort to a second hair transplant in Turkey, if necessary. The donor site can be not only the scalp, but also the chest and chin. Most men do not have any problems with body hair. It is always possible to find areas where hair can be taken in sufficient quantities.

Benefits of hair transplant in Turkey 

There are many hospitals that deal with hair transplant worldwide. Nevertheless, thousands of patients annually come to Turkey to perform this procedure. What is the reason for this? The hair transplant in Turkey has many benefits: 

Equipment. Turkey has a well-developed aesthetic medicine industry. Most Hair Transplant Clinics in the country are equipped with ARTAS robotic systems. They can transplant hair faster and more accurately.

Comfort. The patient feels both physical and psychological comfort. During hair transplant, the doctors perform an adequate scalp anesthesia. This makes the procedure completely painless.

Experience. The hair transplant in Turkey is literally a mass procedure. Over 100 thousand such procedures are performed here annually. The doctors have extensive experience in hair transplant, so they achieve excellent results.

High engraftment. The performance of the procedure in Turkey using the ARTAS system allows to achieve a high percentage of survival of hair follicles. Only 2-3% of hair falls out in the first weeks after transplantation, but the rest remain for life. This was made possible thanks to a special transplantation technique: the specialists in Turkey use PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy to enhance regenerative processes and better graft survival. The hair follicles extracted from the head are stored in a cooled solution with blood plasma.

Prices. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is much lower than in most developed countries of the world. The prices may vary by 2-3 times.

How to go to Turkey? 

You can go to Turkey to undergo the hair transplant. The country offers well-developed aesthetic medicine industry, so there are many good hospitals offering such services. The Booking Health company will organize your trip to Turkey. We offer the following services and advantages:

  • Selection of the best hospital in Turkey, which specializes in hair transplant and achieves outstanding results in this medical field.
  • Prices will be lower than usual for you. 
  • You will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable dates for you to visit Turkey.
  • Preparation of the program and its monitoring. 
  • Communication with the hospital after hair transplant.
  • Organization of additional diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. 

Booking Health will provide high-quality services: we will book a hotel and airline tickets for you, arrange a transfer from the airport to the hospital.

According to numerous surveys, at least 40% of women dream of breast augmentation. This is the most intriguing part of the female body, a subject of pride, envy and admiration. Women with large breasts are more successful among men. However, with age, the breasts lose their shape and attractiveness. In addition, many women have smaller breasts from birth than they would like. Fortunately, plastic surgery can give a woman the breasts of the shape and size that she wants.

How is breast augmentation perfromed?

For the first time, silicone breast implants were used in the 60s of the last century. They are still used as of today, but in a significantly improved form. Augmentation mammoplasty is currently the most frequent breast surgery and one of the most common plastic surgeries in the world.

The main options of surgery:

  • Breast augmentation – placement of breast implants;
  • mastopexy – breast lift with its simultaneous augmentation – also with the help of breast implants.

During the procedure, the patient is under anesthesia. The implants are placed under the skin or under the pectoralis major muscle. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

The placement of breast implants under the skin is simpler and less traumatic. However, the prostheses are shifted over time. In addition, they are felt under the skin.

The placement of breast implants under the muscle is more reliable. Although, this approach also has drawbacks: the operation is more traumatic, and the prosthesis can shift up over time.

Some surgeons use the combined method, namely, a part of the breast implant is placed under the skin, and the other part is under the pectoralis major muscle.

The operations vary in surgical access. The surgeons can make incisions in different parts of the breast. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. The main options are:

Periareolar access. An incision is made at the border of the areola. This approach can only be used if the areola is large enough to make an incision of at least 2 cm. The disadvantages are the reduced sensitivity of the areola and the noticeable scars. Therefore, such access is used rarely.

Submammary access. An incision under the breast. This access is the easiest and least traumatic. The recovery after surgery is rapid and easy. The disadvantage is noticeable scars.

Transaxillary access. An incision is made under the armpit. The breast implants are placed using an endoscopic technique. This is a technically complicated technique. The procedure lasts longer. An experienced surgeon and special equipment are required for successful outcome. This method ensures a good aesthetic result, which does not deteriorate over time.

What types of breast implants can be used?

Silicone breast implant is a thin shell, which is filled with silicone or saline. A silicone elastomer is usually used for the shell. It has a smooth structure. Polyurethane may be included for creation of a rough surface.

Nowadays, the vast majority of breast implants contain silicone gel inside. It has several advantages, namely, it is completely safe for a woman's health, does not cause immune reactions, and also looks like a woman's breast in consistency. In short, the breast feels like a real one.

The modern breast implants have a shell of very high density. This eliminates the leakage of gel through it. Previously, this problem was relevant, since among the long-term complications of breast augmentation surgery the majority of complications was caused by the formation of capsules and contractures due to leakage of the gel. The improvement of breast implants was also aimed at changing the texture of the gel. It has become thicker, which also reduces the risk of leakage. It does not leak through the shell even in the case of small cracks, and if it does, it does not flow into the tissue.

Less commonly, a hydrogel can be used as a filler. This is water with a cellulose. The gel has a viscous consistency. In the case of leakage, it does not harm the body.

Polyurethane is sometimes included in the shell for the breast implant. It provides more reliable adhesion to surrounding tissues after implantation. Such breast implants are not only better fixed, but also evenly distribute their weight. In particular, the overweight in the lower part of the breast is reduced. The risk of twisted anatomical breast implants is reduced. The risk of capsular contracture is lower. Such implants also have a disadvantage, namely, implantation of these prostheses is technically more complicated.

Breast implants are created in a huge number of shapes and sizes. Every woman can choose the shape of her breast that she will like. The first were the conventional round implants. They guarantee a seductive neckline, but do not look too natural. Therefore, anatomical breast implants appeared. They are created in the form of a drop and imitate the shape of the real breast.

Breast augmentation without implants

There are also other breast augmentation surgeries and not all of them require the placement of breast implants. The main approaches, which are used in plastic surgery are lipofilling and liposculpture. The material for breast augmentation is the patient's own adipose tissue.

  • Lipofilling is the injection of adipose tissue into any part of the body in order to improve its volume.
  • Liposculpture can be performed simultaneously and it improves the contours of the body. The procedure involves the extraction of adipose tissue from the donor site. This is actually liposuction.

This approach to breast augmentation has the following benefits:

  • the use of the patient's own tissues for implantation eliminates any undesirable immune reactions;
  • liposuction is performed simultaneously, and therefore attractive body contours can be formed;
  • any breast shape can be created;
  • no scars typical for the placement of silicone implants;
  • rapid recovery after implantation;
  • complete engraftment of adipose tissue, providing a lifelong aesthetic effect.

In the classic version of the operation, the adipose tissue for implantation can be obtained from the abdomen. The surgeon performs a small incision on the skin. Then he injects saline into the donor site. With the help of cannulas with multiple openings, adipose tissue is aspirated (extracted) due to negative pressure – just like blood is taken from a vein with a syringe. The more adipose tissue is required, the larger the diameter of the cannula is used.

Then the incision is sutured. The adipose tissue obtained for implantation is washed, subsided and purified of blood and unnecessary cells. 

The next step is the implantation of adipose tissue into the mammary gland. For this purpose, a lipografter is used – a special device, thanks to which it is possible to ensure the accurate introduction and dosing of the material.

With all the benefits, the implantation of autologous adipose tissue into the breast has limited effectiveness. It is impossible to achieve the significant breast augmentation using this technique. You can only slightly increase the volume and improve the shape. If the significant breast augmentation is needed, breast implant surgery is preferable.

Breast augmentation in Turkey

You can go to Turkey for breast augmentation. In this country, plastic surgery is well developed, including breast implant surgery. The surgeons of this country also perform other operations, for example, breast lipofilling, lift or reduction. Turkish Clinics for Plastic Surgery use modern implants. Here you can find the talented surgeons, whose services are in demand all over the world. Therefore, medical tourism develops rapidly in Turkey. More and more patients want to visit this country in order to take advantage of the medical services in the field of plastic surgery.

You can book the breast augmentation surgery in Turkey via Booking Health. You can select a medical facility where you will undergo treatment and get acquainted with the prices on our website. We provide medical tourism services. The Booking Health company is ready to arrange a trip to Turkey for you. We work only with the most reputable Clinics for Plastic Surgery, so you will definitely receive the highest level of medical services.

We provide the following services and benefits:

  • Selection of the best clinic specializing in breast plastic surgery.
  • Reduced waiting time for treatment – medical services will be provided as soon as possible and at the most convenient dates.
  • Reduced costs for breast augmentation in Turkish medical facilities.
  • Preparation of the treatment program in Turkey and its monitoring.
  • Establishment of communication with a surgeon at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Turkey.
  • If necessary, communication with a clinic after the implantation.
  • Organization of additional examination or treatment in Turkey.

The Booking Health company will book airline tickets to Turkey, a room at the hotel near the medical center, and arrange your transfer from the airport to the clinic and back.

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