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Best hospitals and doctors for constipation treatment abroad

The selection of doctors and clinics is carried out on the basis of annual qualification reports. The main selection criterion is the number of operations or procedures performed. It takes into account experience, reputation in the medical society, the availability of quality certificates and high specialization in a certain field.

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Constipation diagnosis
 from  1357
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
 from  2633
Surgical treatment in constipation
 from  9378

Beta Klinik Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn

Department of Surgery and Proctology

Beta Klinik is a modern hospital which consists of 30 specialized departments. The hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of the university level. The operating rooms, an intensive care unit and the rehabilitation center correspond to the highest standards. It also concerns highly qualified physicians of the ho
Constipation diagnosis
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
Surgical treatment in constipation
11232 help9732

PAN Clinic Cologne

location_onGermany, Cologne

Department of Proctology and Endoscopy

The PAN Clinic has gained universal recognition due to highly professional doctors and their responsive and careful approach to the treatment. A team of experienced doctors specialized in 25 medical focuses takes care of the patients' health. The specialists, individually or in cooperation with their colleague
Constipation diagnosis
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
3133 help2633
Surgical treatment in constipation

Medicana International Ankara Hospital

location_onTurkey, Ankara

Department of General Surgery, Kidney and Liver Transplantation

The Medicana International Ankara Hospital is one of the leading medical centers, which belongs to the largest medical network Medicana in Turkey. The hospital incorporates all specialties of the modern medicine under one roof. It particularly focuses on bone marrow transplantation, cardiology, cardiovascular surg
Constipation diagnosis
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
Surgical treatment in constipation

St. Joseph Hospital Haan

location_onGermany, Haan

Department of General and Abdominal Surgery

According to the Focus magazine, the St. Josef Hospital Haan ranks among the top medical facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia! The hospital has long history of providing high-class medical services and care for patients according to the Catholic principles. The priority areas s of clinical practice include internal medicine, en
Constipation diagnosis
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
Surgical treatment in constipation

ATOS Clinic Heidelberg

location_onGermany, Heidelberg

Department of General Surgery, Endoscopy, Phlebology, Proctology and Hernia Treatment

Founded in 1991, the ATOS Clinic Heidelberg combines top-quality service and cutting-edge medicine. It keeps track of the latest scientific developments and contributes to the development of new treatments.
Constipation diagnosis
Constipation treatment with botulinum toxin
Surgical treatment in constipation

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