Hospital Waldbrol Oberberg

Department of Gastroenterology (286091)

Hartmut Kristahl

Dr. med.

Hartmut Kristahl

Specialized in: gastroenterology, internal medicine

About the department


The Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Metabolic Diseases at the District Hospital of Waldbröl has 34 beds. An experienced team of doctors and nurses under the direction of Dr. med.  Hartmut Kristahl annually provides treatment to 1,500 inpatients and 1,000 outpatients. The team of the Department takes care of patients with diseases of the digestive organs, liver and metabolism. It is also focused on the treatment of diabetes and impaired fat metabolism. The main focuses of the outpatient clinic of the Department include endoscopy as well as diagnosis and treatment of patients with infectious liver diseases.

The gastroenterologists of the District Hospital of Waldbröl are specialists in the field of diseases of stomach, intestines, liver, bile ducts, pancreas and metabolism. The doctors are also specialists in the field of internal medicine and therefore they can diagnose and treat the diseases, which are beyond the scope of gastroenterology. 
The gastroenterological examinations are carried out in the District Hospital of Waldbröl with the best experience and quality. This involves both doctors and a specially trained medical staff. 

The range of services of the Department of Gastroenterology at the District Hospital of Waldbröl under the direction of Dr. med. Hartmut Kristahl includes:

  • Department of Endoscopy to perform diagnosis of the stomach, intestines, bile ducts and pancreas
  • Diagnosis and treatment of bleeding control in case of ulcer, esophageal varices, gastric tube placement for eating, if there are swallowing disorders
  • Removal of polyps/tumors or endoscopic therapy for gallstones or outflow disorders due to tumors as well as disorders of esophageal patency
  • Endoscopic procedures are completed by conventional ultrasound of the whole body and by endoscopic US, when an ultrasonic detector is inserted into the body. These both devices can be used for tissue sampling to specify the diagnosis as well as for therapy
  • Urea breath test involving urea for the diagnosis of helicobacter pillory
  • Measurement of acid reflux into the esophagus during heartburn 

The Department of Gastroenterology at the District Hospital of Waldbröl is a stationary partner of the Disease Management Program Diabetes. Regarding the fields of gastroenterology and diabetology, patients are treated in accordance with all recommendations of professional medical societies. There is maintained a close cooperation with other department of the District Hospital of Waldbröl and private practitioners. 


Department of Gastroenterology.
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