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Klinik am Rhein Duesseldorf

Klinik am Rhein Duesseldorf

Duesseldorf, Germany

The Klinik am Rhein Duesseldorf was founded in 2003 and during this short time has gained the status of one of the best medical facilities in Germany in the area of its specialization. The clinic provides top-class medical services in all fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The key focus is on operations, such as breast augmentation, reduction and lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, as well as face lift, nose and eyelid reshaping. In the field of non-surgical treatment, the clinic's doctors deal with the treatment of wrinkles using hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, as well as even out and firm the skin of the face and neck with a CO2 laser. The plastic surgeons of the medical facility successfully perform modern surgical interventions and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, while providing each patient with not only an excellent result, but also with the highest safety of treatment. As patients cross the threshold of the clinic, they are delighted with the modern and sophisticated design of the medical center, which promotes relaxation and comfortable transformation of their appearance.

An important advantage of the clinic is its state-of-the-art medical equipment, including 3D technologies. For example, with the VECTRA XT 3D system, the patients of the clinic can obtain a realistic image of their appearance after surgery in advance. In general, the clinic has 4 beds with the possibility of medical monitoring, 2 of which are intended for inpatient treatment. Most surgical interventions are performed using minimally invasive techniques, so patients do not suffer from severe pain and recover as quickly as possible after the operation. Plastic surgery, like any other surgical intervention, is associated with risks to the patient's health, but the use of minimally invasive techniques practically reduces them to zero. The surgeons of the clinic always strive to achieve the most natural result of plastic surgery, which also contributes to the prestige of the medical center.

The patients of the clinic receive medical care only from highly qualified plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists, who have vast clinical experience. All doctors are members of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC). The specialists regularly improve their skills and have a perfect command of the very latest achievements of plastic surgery so that patients have the opportunity to improve their appearance, getting excellent results and maximum safety. The primary goal of the clinic's specialists is to improve the self-perception and quality of life of their patients using the most modern and sparing surgical techniques.

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Department of Plastic Surgery

Holger Hofheinz Dr. med.



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Duesseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the largest cities in Germany along with Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Duesseldorf enjoys the fame of a multifaceted city, which combines an active political life, the work of the head offices of large companies and banks of the country, art, fashion, a huge number of historical and modern sights. The city boasts of its 800-year history, so the guests of the metropolis will certainly find many interesting and picturesque places for themselves here.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting place in Duesseldorf is its downtown located on the right bank of the Rhine River. One can find here a traditional market square and the Gothic City Hall. There are two symbols of the city near the City Hall on Burgplatz – the St. Lambertus Church and the Old Castle Tower.

It will also be interesting for the tourists to visit Benrath, which is a palace with a park complex built as a hunting castle and the summer residence of Karl Theodor. The palace will acquaint the visitors of Duesseldorf with life at court in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Among the city museums, it is worth noting the Modern Art Museum, the Ceramic Museum, and the Fine Art Museum.

Spacious recreational parks, funky architecture and vibrant city life make Duesseldorf one of the most beautiful, modern and lively cities in Germany. The sunny city on the Rhine has everything you need for a great leisure: long streets with shops, cafes and restaurants, modern sports and entertainment events, the best dance floors and a vibrant cultural life.