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Munich, Germany

MCLINIC Munich is an excellent medical facility with modern infrastructure, high-tech equipment, and highly qualified doctors. The clinic first opened its doors to patients in 2016 and has since taken leading positions in its areas of specialization in the European medical arena. The clinic operates the following four specialized departments: the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery, the Department of Hand Surgery, the Department of Plastic Surgery, and the Department of Otolaryngology. The clinic's medical team has at its disposal eight treatment rooms and two operating rooms, as well as an inpatient unit. The specialists at MCLINIC Munich work in close cooperation with the Helios Hospital Munich West.

The doctors at the medical facility are guided by the highest standards of medical care, which are based on comprehensive treatment, taking into account the individual needs of the patient and human attitude. The doctors at the clinic always devote sufficient time to consulting the patient and carefully planning the upcoming treatment regimen. Modern minimally traumatic surgical techniques are used during surgical procedures. The doctors always attach great importance to the aesthetic aspect when performing operations on the face and neck.

It is especially worth noting the high professionalism and clinical experience of the doctors at MCLINIC Munich. Each of the head physicians of the clinic's departments is included in the list of Germany's best specialists in their field of competence according to the rating of the reputable Focus magazine and is also included in the rating of the country's best doctors, as rated by patients on the online platform Jameda. The clinic's medical team works hand in hand for the benefit of patients and does everything possible to provide quality care in a comfortable environment.

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Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery

Denys Loeffelbein Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.


Patients rooms

The patients of the MCLINIC Munich stay in comfortable rooms with a modern design. The furnishings of a standard patient room include an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table with a pull-out tray, a wardrobe, a table and chairs, a TV, and a telephone. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

Meals and Menus

The clinic offers delicious and balanced meals three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If, for some reason, you do not eat all the foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your dietary preferences prior to treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:





Accompanying person

Your accompanying person may stay with you in your patient room or at the hotel of your choice during the inpatient program.


You may stay at the hotel of your choice during the outpatient program. Our managers will support you for selecting the best option.


Munich is the largest city in Germany with a long history and an endless number of interesting attractions. The city is located on the Isar River, in the federal state of Bavaria. Munich is known throughout the world for its Oktoberfest beer festival. It is home to large exhibition centers, concert halls, museums, theaters, luxury hotels and restaurants, and cozy bars and cafes. With all this, Munich is a green city with many parks, squares, alleys, and gardens.

The historical center of Munich is Marienplatz, where you can see the magnificent building of the New City Hall, a column with a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Fischbrunnen fountain. Marienplatz is a place where life is always bustling and where music and loud laughter are heard. After a walk around the central square of Munich, tourists like to go to Kaufingerstrasse and Neuhauserstrasse, which have a huge number of shops and boutiques.

Munich is famous for its ancient brewing traditions and abundance of beers. The intoxicating drink is served in every bar, but the best place to have a good time with a glass of delicious beer is the Hofbrauhaus beer garden, which is located within walking distance of Marienplatz. This is a truly legendary place, whose history dates back to the 16th century. At one time, this beer place was visited by Hitler and Lenin, Mozart, and other cult personalities. In the evenings at the Hofbrauhaus restaurant, you can not only enjoy excellent beer and snacks but also listen to traditional German music played by a brass band, imbued with the unique flavor of Bavaria.

While in Munich, be sure to visit one of the city's many museums. The most popular are the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek, the Pinakothek Moderne, the Deutsches Museum, the Egyptian Museum, and the BMW Museum. The Alte Pinakothek is the most visited museum in Munich, and this is not surprising as it houses an exhibition of more than 9,000 paintings, including some of the world's greatest artists such as Botticelli, Da Vinci, Rubens, Manet, and Van Gogh.

There are also several beautiful castles in Munich, namely Nymphenburg Palace, Munich Residence, and Neuschwanstein Castle. Each of them is a unique architectural monument with a beautiful exterior, luxurious interior decoration, and a well-groomed surrounding area.

Munich is a great place for a pleasant vacation and getting to know the traditions of Germany and the history of this country. Munich captivates the hearts of tourists at first sight and leaves an irresistible desire to return here again.