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Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf

The Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf is a progressive medical facility specializing in the diagnostics and treatment of all diseases of the urologic spectrum. The clinic has exceptional competence in the treatment of bladder cancer and occupies a leading position in this area in the national medical arena. With 120 beds for inpatient treatment, the clinic is one of the largest specialized urological clinics in Germany and Europe. The successful clinical practice of the medical institution is based on first-class service, high professionalism of doctors, state-of-the-art technical equipment and many years of experience.

The experts of the clinic offer innovative diagnostic and treatment methods for diseases of the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, bladder, urethra, prostate gland and male genitals in men of all age groups, including children. Also, the field of ​​competence includes the treatment of urinary incontinence in men and women. The department has three modern multifunctional operating rooms, in which more than 2,500 resections and about 4,500 transurethral endoscopic and percutaneous procedures are performed annually. The surgeons of the clinic have the cutting-edge tools, including all devices for microsurgical procedures and laser surgery. The clinic annually treats more than 4,000 inpatients and about 7,000 outpatients, including international patients.

In June 2003, the clinic became the first in Duesseldorf, which underwent a full certification procedure in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. It has a strict quality management system, which is the key to high-quality medical care.

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Patients rooms

The patients of the Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf live in comfortable single, double and triple rooms made in a modern design. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet. In addition, the standard room includes a radio, a telephone and a TV. Young patients are provided with specially equipped children’s rooms with the possibility of placing a child with one of the parents.

Meals and Menus

The patients of the clinic are offered a varied and tasty food. In addition to breakfast and dinner, the patient has the opportunity to choose one of three dining menus, including soup and dessert. Also, cakes and/or fruits are offered for patients as additional meals. In case of food intolerance or special indications, the patient will be provided with an appropriate individual menu.

There is a cozy cafe on the territory of the clinic, from which one can see a beautiful view of the garden and an open terrace. Here both patients of the clinic and their visitors can have a snack. The cafe offers a wide selection of main dishes, snacks, cakes and drinks.

Further details

Standard rooms include:





About the city

Dusseldorf is a city in Germany, which has won fame as one of the largest economic and cultural centers of the country. The city looks back on its 900-year old history, so even the most sophisticated tourist will find something to his liking. Due to its unique beauty and rich cultural heritage, Duesseldorf is sometimes called little Paris. In addition, the famous German writer Goethe repeatedly praised the city in his books. Here guests can enjoy not only medieval architecture, interesting museums and exhibitions with artistic masterpieces, but also many bars and small breweries, since the city is famous for brewing.

The historic center of Duesseldorf was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. Nonetheless, the downtown and its sights were carefully restored according to the historical documents. Now it is one of the centers of lively city life. Once here, everyone feels the real German life. All buildings are made in true German architectural style. One of the places that should be definitely visited is the Market Square. Once it served as a venue for famous fairs, but now it is a quiet and peaceful place, which houses the Town Hall, the administrative complex of the city and the monument in honor of Johann Wilhelm.

Among the religious monuments of particular importance is St. Lambert’s Basilica, which is the oldest religious building in Duesseldorf and one of the landmarks of the old city, built of brick in the Gothic style. In addition, one of the most beautiful and popular places in Duesseldorf is the Rhine Promenade. Among the sights of the city special attention should also be given to the Art Gallery Kyo, the house where Heinrich Heine was born, the Rheinturm TV tower with a height of 234 meters. At an altitude of 172 meters, this tower offers a rotating restaurant and an observation deck. The tourist will find it interesting to visit Benrath, which combines a palace and a park, designed as a hunting castle, and the summer residence of Karl Theodor. The main palace will acquaint visitors with life at the court in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf:

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