Benign Tumor of Brain: Diagnostic in the Best Hospitals of Switzerland

Hirslanden Clinic La Colline Geneva

location_onSwitzerland, Geneva

Department of Adult and Pediatric Spinal Surgery, Neurosurgery

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Spinal Surgery, Neurosurgery offers the full range of conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Its special competence lies in the treatment of spinal diseases, including back pain, herniated discs, arthrosis, compression syndromes. The department deals with the treatment of patients of all age groups, ranging from young children to the elderly. If necessary, the highly qualified neurologists can also be involved in the therapeutic process. The clinical practice involves the use of state-of-the-art computer navigation systems that provide the highest accuracy when performing surgical procedures, which is especially important when performing operations on the brain and spine. Through the use of innovative equipment, the surgeons can eliminate damage to the healthy surrounding tissues.

Hirslanden Clinic Stephanshorn St. Gallen

location_onSwitzerland, St. Gallen

Department of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is an extremely high-precision branch of medicine, with the expertise and excellent tools being the basic condition for achieving optimal results. Neurosurgeon uses minimally invasive processes that reduce pain and hospital stay, as well as provides direct accompanying treatment.

Clinic de Genolier Genolier

location_onSwitzerland, Genolier

Department of General and Abdominal Surgery

The Department of General and Abdominal Surgery offers the full range of services in these medical fields. The main areas of specialization include the surgical treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, endocrine glands, hernias, removal of malignant tumors, removal of appendix, etc. The department has state-of-the-art operating rooms equipped with the cutting-edge computer technologies, devices for laparoscopic interventions, precise monitoring systems for the control of vital bodily functions.

Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden

location_onSwitzerland, Heiden

Department of Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosurgery offers all the options of modern medicine for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Of particular interest is surgery to remove brain or spinal cord tumors, treatment of cerebral hemorrhages, traumatic brain injuries, etc. The department has a highly modern technical base and progressive operating rooms with the possibility of intraoperative imaging, navigation systems and other equipment. If necessary, the cutting-edge 3D computer systems are used for a thorough planning of the surgical procedure. The neurosurgeons of the department strictly comply with current clinical protocols, which guarantees a favorable treatment outcome.

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