Treatment Alopecia (hair loss) by Transplantation of Hair Follicles With FUE or FUT in Turkey

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation provides the high-quality and effective treatment of alopecia, including especially complex forms. The scope of the department's ​​competence also includes eyebrow and beard transplantations. The patients who want to restore the density and beauty of their hair can also receive injections of their own platelet-rich plasma. Hair transplantations are performed using the very latest FUE and DHI techniques, which guarantee optimal and natural results, while minimizing injury rate. The patient does not need to be hospitalized for the hair transplantation and can return to normal life after 2-3 days.

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of services in the field of hair transplantation and hair growth restoration. The department's specialists provide high-quality treatment for alopecia in men and women. The hair transplantation procedure is performed on the most modern equipment using FUE or FUT techniques, which involve the transplantation of individual hair grafts containing one or more hair follicles. All procedures are performed under anesthesia for maximum patient comfort. The operation is preceded by the preliminary diagnostics, while the attending physician determines the number of grafts required for a particular clinical case.

Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers high-quality operations for hair growth restoration in patients with alopecia, as well as cosmetic procedures for hair growth stimulation, restoration of hair density and aesthetic appearance. The department's specialists provide medical services to both men and women. The therapeutic options of the department include not only hair transplantation on the head, but also procedures for hair transplantation on the beard and eyebrows. Only experienced and highly qualified doctors with more than 10 years of successful experience in this specialization work with the patients.

Liv Hospital Istanbul

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers both conservative and surgical treatment methods for alopecia, including severe types. The department's specialists successfully carry out high-quality and effective hair loss treatment using FUE and DHI techniques. Among the department’s patients are not only men, but also women, since alopecia can occur due to hormonal disorders, chemotherapy or as a result of accidents. The department also offers the injection of platelet-rich plasma, which helps to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. The service range is complemented by hair mesotherapy.

Rami Hospital Istanbul

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation specializes in the detection of the causes of hair loss and hair transplantation in men and women. In addition, the competence of the department's specialists includes hair transplantation in the beard for men and eyebrows for women. The doctors use in their clinical practice an innovative hair transplantation technique called FUE (follicular unit extraction), which is recognized worldwide as the best and the most effective treatment for various types of progressive alopecia. Hair transplantation is a full-fledged surgical intervention, and therefore the department has specially equipped treatment rooms, which strictly meet all hygiene and safety standards. When performing FUE hair transplantation, the department's specialists follow the current clinical protocols, which guarantee the achievement of the best result without any risks to the patient's health. The department's specialists have vast clinical experience and they have already performed thousands of successful hair transplant procedures. Therefore, the medical facility has an impeccable reputation in Turkey and admits more and more patients from foreign countries every year.

Anka Plastic Surgery Clinic Istanbul

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Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the most advanced hair transplantation operations for the restoration of hair growth and provision of self-confidence for the patient. The medical facility specializes in hair transplantation using FUT, FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques – these methods have won recognition at the international level and allow the patient to get rid of alopecia once and for all. The department's doctors not only transplant hair to the head, but also effectively solve the problem of hair loss in the beard, mustache and eyebrows. The department's surgeons have successful clinical experience, so the patients can confidently entrust the health of their hair to real professionals.

Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure. Skin areas with hair follicles are removed from the donor area and transplanted to the area without hair.

Using the FUE method, each hair follicle from the donor area is harvested separately. In the FUT method, the donor area is cut completely.

The procedure of FUE hair transplant in Turkey takes several hours and is a completely painless method of treatment. Clinics in Turkey are equipped with up-to-date equipment and will help you recover quickly after the procedure.

The cost of FUE in Turkey is 4,000(€). It is the approximate cost. If you use the services of Booking Health, the price will be lower.



Hair loss, or alopecia, is connected with discomfort. This is especially important for women. Female hair transplant is becoming an increasingly routine hair restoration procedure. It is known that the causes of hair loss are numerous, but this does not affect the choice of type of hair transplantation. However, today a reliable approach to handle this unpleasant condition is known – FUE hair transplant in Turkey. FUE hair transplant gives chance to forget about hair loss forever. In addition, Turkish hospitals offer reasonable prices for medical and related services.

The innovations in FUE hair transplant approach

FUE hair transplant is a manipulation that is carried out using microsurgery. When performing FUE hair transplant, donor hair is removed without wounds and subsequent scarring in the donor region. It is impossible to see that a man has undergone a hair transplant. FUE hair transplant can recover the scalp, including areas of scarring, alopecia following injury and burns, as well as restore eyelashes and beard.

So how is the FUE hair transplant performed? The FUE hair transplant is a sparing technique of the transplant hair.

The FUE hair transplant is carried out in three stages:

  • The 1st stage of FUE hair transplant operation. A tubular cutter, which resembles a ballpoint pen, makes superficial cuts in the donor area, and then extracts separate follicular units by careful pulling. Each follicular unit consists of 1-3 (rarely 4-5) hair follicles. The donor area for the further FUE hair transplant is often occipital, parietal, and sometimes temporal area of the scalp.

Head is a sensitive body region. The place from where the donor hair (donor region for FUE hair transplant) is harvested and where it will be transplanted (recipient region of FUE hair transplant or the location of hair loss) may be anaesthetized. The place from where it is planned to harvest grafts (follicular units) is discussed with patients in advance.

  • The 2nd stage of FUE hair transplant operation. It begins once the donor hair is harvested and a place for transplantation of follicular units is prepared. Scalpels with blade are used to make punches in the recipient area. Blade makes an incision and creates necessary angle of the hole, where the hair will be transplanted.
  • The 3rd stage of FUE hair transplant operation. Harvested grafts are implanted considering the line and peculiarities of hair growth. If the bald area is extensive, then the doctor may recommend to undergo a second FUE hair transplant operation. If the bold area is not vast, then a hair transplant may be performed during one procedure. The hair may also be harvested from the chest and beard (alternative regions). FUE hair transplant surgery has zero risk of developing baldness in the donor region. All patients that undergo a hair transplant in Turkey have comprehensive preliminary consultations. A doctor assesses personally the density and quality of the hair in the donor regions. Punch allows doctors to harvest hair precisely. The whole FUE hair transplant process takes about 5 hours.

Arrangement of hair transplant in Turkey (FUT)

FUT hair transplant in Turkey ("strip" or "patchwork" technique of hair transplant) is the suitable option for patients with hair loss. Such patients have the lucky chance to restore lost hair with the help of hair transplant in Turkey.

FUT hair transplant in Turkey is preceded by thorough preparation. To stop the rapid proceeding of baldness, drug therapy is typically prescribed for six months before hair transplant in Turkey. Before the hair transplant, the drugs that increase the risk of bleeding are cancelled. A patient should also stop taking alcohol.

Before performing FUT hair transplant in Turkey you will also have a blood test:

  • Hemoglobin levels and glucose
  • Blood clotting
  • Hepatitis B and C

If hair transplantation is performed in a woman, a doctor administers additional tests, including the level of ferritin, zinc, sex hormones and others.

Before FUT hair transplant in Turkey ECG is also performed. Research helps to make a decision about the possibility and type of anesthesia during hair transplant in Turkey.

Just before hair transplant in Turkey the hair in the donor region of the head is cut to a length of 1-2 mm. The hair transplant in Turkey is performed under local anesthesia. A skin strip of 10-25 cm is cut with a scalpel from the donor region. Under the microscope the strip is divided into individual hair grafts (pieces of skin with from 1 to 4 hair follicles). The wound in the donor region is sewed and in 4-12 weeks it will become invisible (the scar is located under the hair).

The following stage of hair transplant in Turkey is also carried out using a scalpel. A doctor makes the 2-2,5 mm holes in the recipient zone, in which the grafts are implanted. The length of the procedure of hair transplant in Turkey is determined by the volume of surgical intervention. It takes from 4 to 10 hours on average.

After the hair transplant in Turkey patients are not recommended to lift heavy objects and go in for active sports, as well as visit solarium or sauna during 3-6 weeks. Recommendations also depend on patient’s condition after hair transplant surgery.

The initial result of hair transplant in Turkey can be assessed in approximately six months after the procedure. In the FUT technique about 60% of the transplanted hair stay viable, density of up to 30-40 follicles per 1 sq cm (natural density is 80-120) is achieved. A patient may need repeated hair transplant in Turkey with FUE technique as FUT hair transplant approach may lead to the scars formation in the donor region.

FUT hair transplant in Turkey is still actively used. Firstly, FUT hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than others. Anatomical peculiarities of a patient may make other, more sparing methods, not acceptable for him (this is determined during the initial consultation).

Why do people choose FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

Today, Istanbul is considered the authoritative center of hair transplantation worldwide. People annually come to Turkey to fulfill their dream and restore hair. This did not happen by chance. Medical tourism is the priority area for the government of Turkey. Huge amounts of money are invested into it (according to the Medical Tourism Magazine, about $30 billion has been invested lately). This allows boosting the quality of services provided, attracting patients and providing affordable prices. Healthcare professionals from Turkey have internships in Europe and the USA, they participate in exhibitions and international conferences.

The reason for the popularity of FUE hair transplant operation in Turkish hospitals among foreign patients is the high quality of medicine. It is confirmed by international certificates. There are 1,200 clinics in the country, 46 of them have received JCI accreditation. For comparison, there are 30 such hospitals in Israel, and 28 – in South Korea.

Prices for hair restoration in Turkey

Most clinics in Turkey use the FUE hair transplant approach. Price for FUE hair transplant surgery in Turkey clinics can be different. Hair transplant price, namely price for FUE hair transplant surgery, in a specialized healthcare institution of Turkey is quite comparable with the hair transplant cost, for example, in a Russian clinic. Booking Health will make an appointment for the preliminary examination and treatment right away. Before performing hair transplantation in Turkey a doctor will choose the technique of hair restoration for you individually. The consultation will not take much time as experts in Turkey deal with the problem of hair loss quite often.

Booking Health does not advise you to choose clinics in Turkey with an extremely low hair transplant cost. The objective price for FUE hair transplant operation in Turkey depends on the number of grafts transplanted, number of days in the clinic, additional medical services, etc. In case of responsible approach to the choice of a medical institution and medical support team, the result will definitely be worth the cost of a hair transplant.

Booking Health staff will advise you on all issues related to hair restoration. You can choose the most appropriate clinic and doctor for FUE hair transplant in Turkey or any alternative hair restoration technique. The operation will be performed as fast as possible, and you will be able to return home quickly. Hair restoration is worth its price and you will enjoy new hair.

Myths about hair transplantation

Despite the availability of information, there are still some issues that we should clarify.

  1. To achieve good results, hair transplantation process should be performed in several stages. No, it is not. If the donor zone and the qualification of a surgeon allow, it is definitely better to implement the operation in one stage. The only exception is when the target area is so large that it requires transplanting more than four thousand grafts. It will be extremely difficult to close it during one intervention.
  2. The hair on the body differs in structure and color from the hair that grows on the scalp. If a doctor transplants the hair from a leg, the result will be poor. Accordingly, only the hair from the a head may be used.
  3. Hair transplantation can negatively affect brain function, e.g. cause dizziness and in some cases even lead to the stroke development. Deep tissues are not exposed to any influence during the procedure. You may not be afraid of negative consequences.

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