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Stem cells (SCs) are a promising treatment for diseases associated with tissue destruction. Cell therapy promotes their regeneration. Moreover, not only the connective tissue that supports the "skeleton" of the organ is restored, but also the functional tissue, because SCs can differentiate into highly specialized cells and secrete growth factors that stimulate recovery processes. Among the diseases that can be successfully treated with SCs are liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. Stem cell therapy can also be used for cystic fibrosis. You are welcome to use the Booking Health service to undergo your stem cell therapy procedure in Germany. On our website, you will find advanced hospitals that have vast experience in cell therapy. The cost of stem cell therapy for liver cirrhosis is between 21,950 EUR and 22,750 EUR.


  1. How does cell therapy work for fibrosis and cirrhosis?
  2. How is cell therapy carried out?
  3. Is there any evidence of the effectiveness of cell therapy for cirrhosis?
  4. Where to undergo treatment?

How does cell therapy work for fibrosis and cirrhosis?


SCs provide clinical results through the following mechanisms:

  • they mature into hepatocytes and partially replace the cells lost as a result of the disease;
  • they secrete growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration;
  • they maintain the viability of hepatocytes that did not die as a result of the disease;
  • they improve the function of the remaining hepatocytes.

When performing cell therapy, biochemical (in laboratory tests) and clinical (in the patient's health condition) improvements can be achieved after a few weeks. The majority of those treated achieve improvement on the Child-Turcotte-Pugh (CTP) score for cirrhosis.

How is cell therapy carried out?


In clinical trials, doctors use many types of SCs for liver cirrhosis, but in clinical practice, mesenchymal cells are the most common. It is easier to harvest these cells, their number in the body is quite high, they are safe, and they provide patients with excellent therapeutic results.

Cell therapy involves at least the following two stages: harvesting cells and injecting them into the body. Sometimes there may also be a cultivation step to increase the quantity of stem cells. SCs can be frozen and then thawed prior to their injection.

SCs are collected from blood or bone marrow. These are most often administered intravenously, although some medical centers use other methods: administration into the portal vein, into the hepatic artery, directly into the liver parenchyma, and also intraperitoneally. Apparently, these administration methods do not improve the results but increase the invasiveness of the treatment. Intravenous administration provides a sufficient concentration of SCs in the liver since mesenchymal cells have the ability to migrate to the area of the pathological process.

Cell therapy is carried out at least once. It does not cause any side effects. Subsequently, SCs may be injected repeatedly after a few weeks to maintain or improve results.

Is there any evidence of the effectiveness of cell therapy for cirrhosis?


For the first time, SCs were used in a person with cirrhosis in 2003. The reason for starting clinical trials was the success of trials on cell cultures and animals. It turned out that the injection of SCs increases the survival rate of mice with cirrhosis by reducing the area of fibrosis and improving protein synthesis.

The first clinical trial was successful. After six months of monitoring, albumin and total protein levels in patients increased, as did the PCNA index, which indicates an active regeneration process of the functional liver tissue, consisting of hepatocytes. The improvement achieved was confirmed 15 months after SC administration.

The first randomized controlled trial was performed by A.С. Lyra. It showed that intravenous administration of SCs to patients with cirrhosis improves liver function after a month, and after 3 months, the cirrhosis class decreases.

The multicenter LRCT trial showed that the treatment method works even in the most complex cases. Cell therapy has been used in patients with decompensated cirrhosis, viral hepatitis B, and alcoholism. As a result, the status on the CTP score improved, albumin levels increased, and a liver biopsy showed active tissue regeneration.

Where to undergo treatment?


You can go to Germany to undergo your diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. At German hospitals, you will find top-class medical services, comfortable conditions, and comprehensive medical care.

You are welcome to use the Booking Health service to find out prices and choose a treatment program. On our website, you can find the best clinics in Germany, where you can undergo cell therapy for cirrhosis. When you make an appointment through Booking Health, the average cost of treatment will be lower for you than when you contact the medical center directly due to the absence of taxes for foreign patients.

The Booking Health specialists will arrange your trip abroad. We will help you select a hospital, contact the administration, and schedule an appointment for your preferred dates. We will book a hotel room and airline tickets, meet you at the airport, and take you to the medical center by car.



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