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Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Hamburg, Germany

The Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek is known as one of the largest and most reputable medical centers in Germany. According to the prestigious German Focus magazine, it ranks among the top medical facilities in the country. The medical facility is an academic hospital of the University of Hamburg. This university is one of the best in Germany, thanks to which the world has seen many medical innovations. The clinic offers a wide range of medical fields, including endocrine surgery, general and abdominal surgery, spinal surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, radiology, and others.

The clinic is the largest Endocrine Surgery Center in Germany and has gained leading positions in this field in the European medical arena. More than 2,300 surgical interventions of varying complexity are performed at the clinic every year to treat endocrine diseases, and the success rates of the operations performed are at a very high level. In addition, the clinic is distinguished by its outstanding results in spinal surgery, which are confirmed by the quality certificates from the German Society for Spine Surgery (DGW) and the Spine Society of Europe (EUROSPINE). The clinic has the status of a Center of Excellence for Spinal Surgery in Germany and Europe.

The priority of doctors at the clinic is high-quality medical care combined with a humane attitude and sensitive care for the patient during the entire therapeutic process. Only effective and reliable methods are used during the treatment. When a surgical intervention is required, doctors give preference to minimally invasive techniques whenever possible and use navigation devices and intraoperative monitoring systems. After the operation, the patient receives comprehensive care and assistance from experienced specialists.

The clinic has 800 beds. The health of patients is in the safe hands of a competent team of professors, doctors, and nursing staff consisting of more than 2,000 employees. The clinic's team of doctors is convinced that the key to effective medical care is the combination of the professional skills of specialists with state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, impressive funds are regularly allocated for the purchase of new equipment. For example, in 2019, the clinic opened a new surgical unit, which is equipped according to the very latest standards of modern surgery.

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Department of Endocrine Surgery

Volker Fendrich Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Spinal Surgery

Ralph Kothe Prof. Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek live in comfortable single and double rooms designed in light colors. All patient rooms have ensuite bathrooms with a shower and a toilet. The patient room furnishings include a comfortable automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table with a pull-out tray, a wardrobe for storing clothes, a table and chairs for receiving visitors, a telephone, and a TV.

The clinic also offers enhanced-comfort rooms. There is a cozy lounge area with upholstered furniture in the block with enhanced-comfort rooms. In the lounge area, patients are offered hot and cold drinks, light snacks, pastries, and fresh fruits.

Meals and Menus

The patients of the clinic are offered healthy and balanced meals three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If, for some reason, you do not eat all the foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your food preferences prior to treatment.

Patients staying in enhanced-comfort rooms are offered meals at the level of a high-class restaurant with a wide range of main courses, appetizers, and desserts.

Further details

Standard rooms include:






The clinic has a prayer room where one can find solitude for prayer at any time. Services by Catholic and Evangelical pastors are also available to patients, if desired. The services of representatives of other religions are available upon request.

Accompanying person

Your accompanying person may stay with you in your patient room or at the hotel of your choice during the inpatient program.


You may stay at the hotel of your choice during the outpatient program. Our managers will support you for selecting the best option.


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and the largest port city in Europe. Hamburg is located in the northern part of Germany, on the banks of the Elbe River. The metropolis is home to numerous industrial enterprises and the headquarters of world-famous companies and banks. The city annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from different parts of the world with its magnificent architectural monuments, majestic temples, unique museums, well-groomed parks, large exhibition centers, and beautiful theaters.

The very heart of the city is its historic part, with the majestic city hall, which impresses with its size and elegant facade adorned with numerous symbolic statues and monuments. The interior decoration of the city hall is also incredibly beautiful, featuring abundant marble, wood, gilding, and masterpieces of painting.

The historic part of Hamburg houses the city's main cathedral, called St. Michael's Church. Above the main portal of the temple, there is a huge bronze statue of Archangel Michael defeating the devil. Passing through the hall located in the tower of the church, the visitor enters a spacious snow-white hall decorated with gilding and illuminated by numerous lamps. On the right side of the entrance stands a large bronze treasure chest with the image of Archangel Michael. The main decoration of the sanctuary is a twenty-meter marble altar depicting the crucifixion of Christ and the golden halo of the Holy Spirit. The church houses four organs that create an incredible acoustic effect, making it seem like the music is flowing "from heaven."

During your trip to Hamburg, it is essential to visit the Kunsthalle, one of the largest and most famous museums not only in Germany but also in all of Europe. It houses priceless collections of paintings from Gothic times to the present day. The museum exhibits beautiful collections of sculptures dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, expositions of ancient coins and medals preserved from the Renaissance to the present day, and much more.

Hamburg is an important cultural center where many concerts, festivals, and exhibitions are held every year. The city offers innumerable cafes, restaurants, snack bars, and bars for culinary gourmets. One can taste the incredibly delicious national cuisine and many other dishes here.