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Department of Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery (303015)

Dirk Wassenberg

Dr. med.

Dirk Wassenberg

Specialized in: abdominal and thoracic surgery

About the department

The Department of Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery at the St. Remigius Hospital Opladen Leverkusen offers surgical treatment of diseases of the entire gastrointestinal tract, lungs, thoracic wall and mediastinum. The department has 45 beds for the accommodation of patients. The department has two state-of-the-art operating rooms. The therapeutic options cover both inpatient and outpatient surgery. With appropriate indications, preference is given to sparing minimally invasive interventions, which can significantly reduce the postoperative recovery period. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Dirk Wassenberg.

Special attention should be given to a highly modern technical base of the department. The department has equipment for laparoscopic surgery, systems for interventional endoscopic procedures, ultrasound dissectors, argon plasma coagulation devices, devices for sonography (including endosonography, transrectal sonography, intraoperative sonography), intraoperative neuromonitoring systems for the prevention of damage to recurrent nerves during thyroid surgery, devices for hemostasis, surgical lasers, etc. Such advanced technologies in combination with the exceptional professionalism of the department's doctors guarantee an optimal result and rapid health recovery.

In the field of abdominal surgery, along with benign diseases (for example, inguinal, ventral and umbilical hernias, gastroesophageal reflux disease), key attention is paid to the treatment of malignant diseases of the digestive tract. The special focus is on colon cancer surgery. Within the interdisciplinary boards, pathologists, radiologists and oncologists develop individual treatment programs for each patient. Since only surgical treatment can not always be enough to achieve the desired result, the department also uses combination of surgery with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The Colon Cancer Center was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, which confirms the highest quality of treatment.

Another focus of abdominal surgery is the surgical treatment of diseases of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The advanced surgical methods, such as neuromonitoring and ultrasound dissection, allow for avoiding possible complications, for example, vocal cord paralysis. The specialization in this field covers the treatment of nodular goiter, Graves' disease, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, thyroid tumors and other pathologies. When performing surgery, the surgeons strive to remove pathological tissues as much as possible with minimal damage to healthy ones, as well as to avoid follow-up interventions.

In the field of thoracic surgery, the department treats all benign and malignant diseases of the lungs and esophagus. The special focus is on the treatment of malignant lung tumors. Surgery gives the best chance of complete cure in the case of a limited extension of the lung tumor. The size of the tumor and its localization determine the required scope of surgical intervention. The standard methods are the removal of one lobe of the lung and organ-preserving operations, as well as the removal of the entire lung (pneumonectomy). In most patients, organ-preserving surgery avoids pneumonectomy, which used to be the standard surgical method. This improves the quality of life of patients, as well as provides more opportunities for subsequent radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Another department's priority focus is the surgical treatment of lung metastasis. Thanks to the new surgical technique with the use of a diode laser, these secondary foci can be eliminated as accurately as possible, thereby reducing damage to healthy tissues by 90%. The department also specializes in the surgical correction of congenital thoracic deformities, for example, pectus excavatum, treatment of pleural and mediastinal cancers.

The therapeutic spectrum is complemented by the surgical treatment of varicose veins and phimoses, placement of ports (for example, for chemotherapy), dialysis catheters, treatment of skin and soft tissue diseases, proctologic interventions and many other options.

The department's key clinical focuses include:

  • Abdominal surgery
    • Intestinal surgery
    • Minimally invasive surgery
      • Surgical treatment of inguinal, umbilical and incisional hernias
      • Surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, reflux esophagitis
      • Surgical treatment of diseases of the bile ducts and stomach
      • Surgical treatment of appendicitis
      • Large intestine removal (for example, in diverticulosis)
      • Surgical treatment of peritoneal commissures
    • Stomach surgery
    • Liver surgery
    • Pancreatic surgery
    • Thyroid and parathyroid surgery
    • Surgical treatment of colon cancer (within the Colon Cancer Center Kplus St. Remigius Leverkusen)
    • Surgical treatment of proctologic diseases
    • Diagnostic and interventional endoscopy
    • Sonography, including intraoperative examinations
  • Thoracic surgery
    • Surgical treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer
    • Surgical removal of lung metastases (operation using a diode laser)
    • Surgical treatment of pleural mesothelioma (pleural cancer)
    • Surgical treatment of mediastinal tumors
    • Surgical treatment of chest wall tumors
    • Correction of pectus excavatum
  • Other medical services

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Department of Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery.
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