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Department of Spine Surgery (303018)

Thorsten Ernstberger

Prof. Dr. med.

Thorsten Ernstberger

Specialized in: spine surgery

About the department

The Department of Spine Surgery at the St. Remigius Hospital Opladen covers the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative diseases, injuries and spinal deformities. Due to a large number of treatment methods and techniques provided by experienced surgeons, every patient is sure to receive a suitable treatment program. A long surgical experience and a well-coordinated team ensure optimal medical care. In addition to a comprehensive diagnosis, this also includes a comprehensive pre- and post-operative care. The Head of the Department is Prof. Dr. Thorsten Ernstberger.

The range of medical services of the Spine Surgery Center along with typical diseases of the intervertebral discs includes injuries due to accidents, correction of congenital or acquired spine deformities, as well as vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis or oncological disease. If drug treatment of osteoporosis or therapeutic gymnastics does not have the desired effect, there can be performed bone stabilization from the inside in vertebral body fractures - the so-called vertebro- and kyphoplasty. 

The treatment of benign and malignant spine tumors is one of priorities of the Spine Surgery Center. Regardless of tumor nature (no matter it is benign or malignant), these proliferations often narrow the space of nerve fibers and exert pressure on them. 

In addition, another clinical focus of the Department at the St. Remigius Hospital Opladen includes complaints on spine in aged patients. Today, these are elderly patients, who receive good results and better mobility using modern sparing, minimally invasive techniques. The combination of surgery performed through small skin incisions with physiotherapy, which follows it (preferably the next day after surgery) enables pain relief and mobility restoration. 

Treatment focuses of the Department of Spine Surgery include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal tumors
  • Spinal fusion surgery (spondylodesis)
  • Rheumatic diseases of the spine
  • Conservative treatment of spinal diseases
  • Surgical treatment of spinal deformities and curvatures in children and adults (slipped vertebrae, kyphosis and scoliosis)
  • Spine surgery in the elderly

Department of Spine Surgery.
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