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Brain aneurysm is a cerebrovascular disorder during which the cerebral artery can burst. The cerebral artery is located in the brain. Often the disease goes by unnoticed and in that case the patient can lives for decades, unaware of the cerebrovascular disorder in his brain. Early accurate detection of the disease implies the treatment strategy, which can cure the brain aneurysm completely. Structures of brain aneurysm are classified according to their size:

little (size up to 3 mm);

normal (15 mm);

large (16-25 mm);

giant (greater than 25 mm).

Brain aneurysm among other things can lead to such serious complication as intracerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage may occur only if the patient experiences brain swelling, when the blood disintegrates and the damaged areas of the brain can not function properly anymore.

Brain aneurysm causes

The cerebrovascular disorder is always triggered by certain factors. The genetic aspect plays a leading role, but aneurysm can also be triggered by headaches. Some people are simply prone to cerebral aneurysms. because their brain can not cope with either stress or addiction to different sorts of drugs. Women in the greater scope suffer from this disease significantly more than men. Also statistics showed that at-risk patients are 30-60 years old.

Other risk factors are as follows:

  1. hypoplasia of the renal arteries;
  2. polycystic kidney disease;
  3. drug addiction;
  4. smoking;
  5. alcoholism;
  6. obesity;
  7. stressful situations;
  8. oral contraceptives, that were sold over-the-counter and not prescribed by professional gynecologist;

Symptoms of aneurysm in braim

Specific brain aneurysm symptoms include headaches of varying intensity and migraines.. Basic symptoms are:

  1. nausea after meals or as a reaction to certain products and smells, which earlier were percepted normally;
  2. weakness after the simple workout or fast walks;
  3. blurred vision, especially when the person tries to look at the horizon;
  4. dizziness after running or after the night`s sleep;
  5. photophobia;
  6. hearing problems, when the person`s hearing decreases gradually;
  7. speech disorders: the person mumbles, stutters and can not pronounce certain words and vowels;
  8. one-sided numbness of the face and body;
  9. behavioral disorders, when the person becomes sad, elated or depressed suddenly and his mood may shift in the matter of five minutes;
  10. psychological and cognitive disorders are also a result of behavioral disorders and in this case the psycologist is not likely to help the patient until the main reason of mood swings - aneurysm - has been treated;
  11. problems with urination and defecation;
  12. headache of varying intensity, which can sometimes be mistaken for migraine.
  13. weakness in the legs (appears suddenly during walking or running);
  14. peripheral facial nerve paresis. In this case the person can not move the muscles of his face, sometimes he can not even smile or express amazement, sadness and other emotions.
  15. irreversible brain damage;
  16. coma.

The most dangerous complication of brain aneuryms is vascular vasospasm, which means that blood vessels in the brain explode and the person experiences brain stroke. vascular vasospasm can result in immediate death if the patient did not receive he urgent medical help. 


The most popular diagnosis method is the angiography detection of aneurysms. head diagnosis

Angiography is basically an X-ray study, which is introduced into the artery. This is an absolutely innovative procedure, because before that the X-ray could detect problems only in the skeleton, while now it can research the human body on a deeper level. The procedure allows to evaluate the condition of the vessels, detect the disease of brain and give the exact diagnosis. In fact, the brain diseases are the most difficult to diagnose, as the brain is the most complex organ of the human body and right now angiography is the only effective solution apart from MRI, CT scan and resonance imaging.

CT scan is absolutely painless and it can detect the arterial problems. During the magnetic resonance imaging the patient is irradiated by special waves, after which the three-dimensional image of the brain arteries is displayed on the computer screen. MRI is

Early diagnosis allows you to regain control of the narrowing of the arteries.


The choice of brain aneurysm treatment depends on the age and general health condition of the patient. In case the brain aneurysm is small and the patient has not experienced any complication yet, he can resolve to conservative treatment, which does not involve surgical intervention of any kind. Coservative treatment usually involves the correction of arterial hypertension treated by physical therapy and drugs.

The most commong drugs that can really help in most cases are the blood pressure stabilizers, which are also used during certain heart diseases. The main advantage of these drugs is that it does prevent the rupture of the brain.

Painkillers and antiemetic drugs usually only facilitate the patient's condition, but they have no control over the patient`s blood pressure and sometimes they may be harmful if taken in big doses. Another effective medicine is the so-called “calcium channel blockers. it stabilizers the work of the circulatory system and prevents the further cerebral spasm of the brain.

If aneurysm is detected at an early stage, the patient is required to undergo the therapeutic surveillance. The biggest problem is that any minute of his life he can experience the brain rupture and that means that he should be prepared at all times. The rupture can hit the patient at the most unexpected time, so the patients with brain aneurysm are usually advised not to be alone for a long time and to always have the telephone or any other device close to them, so that they can call the ambulance or their doctor at any time. If the rupture of the brain actually happens, every minute without the medical help counts. There were cases when the ambulance came 3 minutes too late and the person died, that`s why it`s especially important to always be under the doctor`s surveillance during the treatment period. Some patients spend all their life under close medical supervision so that the fatal rupture would never occur.


Operation has always been and still is the most effective method of treatment, although it is extremely difficult to perform. If the size was predicted accurately during the diagnosis, the patients with big abeurysm are most often left with only the choice of palliative and non-surgical treatment, because the chances to survive the surgery are minimal.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of future brain ruptures. Nevertheless the active lifestyle and balanced diet always do its trick - they raise the chances of happy healthy future by several times. By all means the person needs to avoid any head injuries. This rule must be especially followed by those who have hereditary predisposition. 

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