Sana Hospital Duisburg

Duisburg, Germany

About us Sana Hospital Duisburg

The Sana Hospital Duisburg is a medical center of maximum care with 678 beds and 17 specialized departments. As the Hospital is innovative and patient-oriented, it works for the benefit of a person and his/her health. The Hospital ranks among the leading clinics in the region. In 2013, the Hospital Duisburg treated 21,403 inpatients, 1,149 partially inpatients and 51,751 outpatients. 

The Sana Hospital Duisburg is the center of maximum care. Almost all disciplines are represented here as independent departments. Along with the Departments of General Medicine and Surgery, other departments specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases or patient groups. Following the objectives of medical care, the Hospital provides its services for patients of all age groups, starting from the birth in the Department of Obstetrics, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, then in the Departments for adults up to the treatment of elderly patients in the Department of Geriatrics. The Sana Hospital Duisburg has a unique medical competence and medical centers with special equipment in order to ensure an optimal and multidisciplinary treatment. 

The Hospital Duisburg is an academic teaching hospital at the University of Duisburg-Essen with the Perinatal Center of maximum care (Level 1), as well as the Neuro Center and a special focus in the field of oncology. There also function an interdisciplinary Emergency Department, two Intensive Care Units and an Intermediate Care Station. In addition, the Hospital Duisburg has an interregional Stroke Unit with 8 monitored beds, the Neurological Early Rehabilitation (Level B) with 30 inpatient beds and the accredited Sleep Laboratory with 4 beds. 
The Sana Hospital Duisburg focuses all its activities on the patient with his worries and fears; great attention is paid to the patient’s life situation and history. All actions and efforts of the employees of the Hospital are made to improve a personal health of each patient. The level of success is shown by satisfaction of both patients and their relatives.

About the city

Located at the mouth of the Ruhr and the Rhine, Duisburg is one of the largest inland ports in Europe. The city was established on the site of the settlements that emerged in the 1st century AD. Nowadays, Duisburg is a university city, a regional center on the Lower Rhine with a population of about 500,000 people – the 15th largest city in Germany. The city offers a variety of sights – special mention should be made of the Mercator Concert Hall and the largest mosque in Europe.

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