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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul is a private multidisciplinary medical facility, which provides top-class diagnostics and treatment in the most comfortable conditions for each patient. The hospital was founded in 2006 and today can be proud of an excellent medical and technical base, excellent professional staff, authority on the national and international medical arena. 

The medical complex has 170 beds for inpatient care, 7 high-tech operating rooms for surgical interventions of varying degrees of complexity, as well as an intensive care unit with 36 beds. The hospital represents almost all fields of modern medicine, while a special focus is made on ophthalmology, plastic surgery, reproductive medicine and dentistry.

The hospital thoroughly observes the safety of patients. It has state-of-the-art computerized medical system PYXIS, which recognizes nurses by fingerprints. The system improves the efficiency of dispensing the necessary drugs to the patient, each time determining the type and dosage of the drug dose using wireless confirmation. As for the innovations, it is also impossible not to mention the advanced top-class computed tomography system Aquilion One, as it plays an important role in the early diagnostics of many diseases. As of today, Aquilion One is the most powerful and innovative scanner in the world, which can provide the accurate high-resolution images using the lowest radiation dose.

The outstanding quality of the medical services in the hospital is recognized by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate, which it received in 2006 for the first time. In 2017, the hospital was successfully recertified. During the certification procedure, the compliance of the medical facility with more than 1,500 criteria was checked. These included treatment safety, qualifications of medical personnel, quality of surgical treatment and anesthesia, etc.

It should be noted that the medical complex has a helipad for transporting patients, which confirms the readiness of the hospital to provide medical care in emergency cases.

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Dentistry

Mithat Terzi Assoc. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. dent.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology

Omer Kamil Dogan Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Reproductive Medicine

Fatih Durmusoglu Prof. Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul live in cozy and comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet. The standard patient room includes an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a small sofa for receiving visitors, a TV and a telephone. If desired, the patient can live in the enhanced-comfort room, which is additionally equipped with a safe, a refrigerator and upholstered furniture.

Meals and Menus

The patient and the accompanying person are offered tasty and balanced three meals a day. If for some reason you do not eat all foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your food preferences prior to treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:


Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, the accompanying person can live with the patient in a patient room or a hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Istanbul is a huge metropolis, which perfectly combines modern buildings and ancient architecture. This creates a unique flavor that can only be found here. It is a large commercial port, which is visited both by tourists and businessmen from all over the world. In addition, it is a recognized tourist center with a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs with interesting concerts and shows.

Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the world and is rightfully considered an open-air museum. The guests of the city do not have to visit a temple or a museum, but just walk along the streets and embankments to admire the scale and grandeur of the former Constantinople. Nevertheless, the metropolis is home to a huge number of amazing sights, which reflect the glorious past of Istanbul.

The best way to get acquainted with the city is to visit the Sultanahmet Square, which houses two majestic and ancient temples – the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The Hagia Sophia is a museum now, but earlier it was a functioning Orthodox cathedral. It is truly a monument of Byzantine architecture. The cathedral is already about a thousand years old, therefore it is protected by UNESCO. The Blue Mosque is also a legendary temple and the main mosque in Turkey. The shrine embodied the interweaving of Byzantine and Islamic architectural styles, and today the building is recognized as an exemplary masterpiece of world architecture. Only expensive types of marble and granite were used during the construction of the building. The mosque has good natural light inside, which is facilitated by its 260 windows, 28 of which are located on the main dome. Most of the windows are decorated with stained glass. The main shades of tiles were white and blue, thanks to which the mosque got its name. There are mainly plant motifs of flowers, fruits and cypresses in the decor of the tiles. The main dome and walls are decorated with gilded Arabic inscriptions. In the center there is a huge chandelier with dozens of lamps, the garlands of which are stretched along the entire room.

It is also worth visiting the Topkapi Palace, which consists of several buildings with four courtyards connected by gates. For a long time, it remained the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire and the main residence of the rulers. Of particular interest here are the Hagia Irene (the only Byzantine church preserved since ancient times), as well as the bedchambers and harem of sultans. The Dolmabahçe Palace, which was built in an atypical baroque style for Turkey, will also impress its guests.

Another symbol of Istanbul is the Galata Tower, which is visible from any part of the city. It is built on a hill and has a height of 61 meters. The observation deck of the tower offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

In addition to historical monuments, the city has many beautiful parks, beaches, embankments and picturesque streets, walking along which will also bring a lot of pleasure. In addition, Istanbul is a paradise for gourmets and shoppers: the city has countless cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, brand boutiques and markets.