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MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Sülze

Bad Sülze, Germany

The MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Sülze has earned a reputation as a leading medical facility in the region and throughout Germany specializing in the rehabilitation treatment of patients after orthopedic, rheumatic and neurological diseases, as well as surgical interventions on the musculoskeletal system, brain and spinal cord. The medical facility began its activities in 1993 and nowadays successfully provides rehabilitation for the patients with both simple and especially complex clinical cases, using reliable classical and innovative therapies available in modern rehabilitation medicine. Each rehabilitation program is developed with due consideration of the requirements and guidelines of the professional societies.

It is worth noting that the clinic is certified by the German Society of Rheumatology as a Training Center of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the implementation of a training program for patients with chronic polyarthritis. In addition, a highly specialized Aphasia Center has been operating in the clinic since 2005.

The main task of each medical employee of the clinic is to restore the patient's mobility, self-care skills, as well as cognitive skills lost due to a neurological disorder. The clinic's specialists conduct medical profession-oriented rehabilitation aimed at restoring lost professional skills and reintegrating the patient into his professional life. The center has a special program for the assessment of the patient's rehabilitation potential in order to restore his work capacity. This program makes it possible to comprehensively assess the patient's condition and predict the likelihood of his reintegration into the professional environment.

The rehabilitation treatment involves the use of a complex of various therapeutic methods, which are selected for each patient individually. The majority of rehabilitation programs are based on therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, diet therapy and psychotherapy. Since the rehabilitation clinic is located in a spa town, the patients have the opportunity to take advantage of the healing forces of nature – here they can have therapeutic mud wraps with a high salt content, as well as mud baths.

The clinic is proud of a large number of prestigious quality certificates, including the ISO certificate, the TÜV Rheinland certificate, the EQR certificate, the DEGEMED certificate of the German Society of Medical Rehabilitation and others. The medical team of the rehabilitation center makes every effort to provide each patient with the effective rehabilitation treatment and make his stay in the clinic as comfortable as possible, as well as surround him with warmth, care and understanding.

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Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Emilian Mladenov Dr. med.

Department of Neurological Rehabilitation

Cornelia Müller Dr. med.

Department of Geriatrics

Marita Kenzler Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Sülze live in comfortable single and double rooms with a modern design. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet. Many patient rooms are specially equipped to meet the needs of disabled people. The standard patient room furnishings include an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a table and a chair for receiving visitors, a telephone and a TV. The patient rooms also have Wi-Fi.

If desired, the patients can live in enhanced-comfort rooms. They are additionally equipped with upholstered furniture, a mini fridge and a safe for storing valuables.

Meals and Menus

The patient and the accompanying person are offered tasty and balanced three meals a day. The patients have a daily choice of three menus for lunch, as well as buffet breakfast and dinner. If for some reason you do not eat all foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your food preferences prior to treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



The religious services are available upon request.

Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, the accompanying person can live with the patient in a patient room or a hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Bad Sülze is a picturesque spa town located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The resort is famous for the oldest salt springs and mud baths in northern Germany. Bad Sülze amazes tourists with its beautiful pristine nature, calm and measured atmosphere, which is ideal for restoring vitality. In addition, one can see many interesting historical monuments here, including the town church with an altar dating back to the 19th century, the town hall and the mill. The locals can boast of a beautiful park that hosts the annual Dahlia Festival. The park is surrounded by a sea of ​​flowers, which simply cannot leave anyone indifferent. The town offers boat trips along the Recknitz and Trebel Rivers, during which one can enjoy the amazing natural landscapes. There are also many interesting routes for hikers and cyclists.