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Swiss private clinics are chosen by many people who really care about their health. Privatklinik Lindberg is one of the leading medical institutions in Switzerland. Its specialists can offer their patients the first-class medical care in accordance with the latest scientific achievements, pleasant and friendly atmosphere and comfortable accommodation. Swiss private clinics are famous all over the world for their high-quality services and respectful attitude towards patients. Top quality at all levels is the main goal of Privatklinik Lindberg . As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals organization, we will be happy to meet your most demanding requirements every day.

Swiss private clinics specialize in all areas of health care. Privatklinik Lindberg, in particular, specializes in the treatment of obesity, musculoskeletal system diseases, visceral surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, as well as urology. For medical treatment, you can choose a doctor whom you trust. Swiss private clinics closely monitor the state of your health and try to make your stay in our clinic as pleasant as possible.

Good health and quick recovery of the client are the priorities of our medical institution.

About the city

Best places in Switzerland include fabulous mountains and lakes, unique architecture, rich cultural life, high culture of service and many other things which make this country so attractive for tourists. Winterthur has about 105,000 inhabitants and it is the sixth largest city in Switzerland and the second largest city in the canton of Zurich. It is the political commune and administrative center of the district with the same name. Previously, Winterthur was an important industrial center; today it is the center of services, educational and cultural center, as well as the center of leisure. Best places in Switzerland are represented by a large number of different museums. For example, there are 18 museums in Winterthur. According to the frequency of rail services and passenger turnover, Winterthur ranked third in Switzerland. The airport of Zurich is located 15 kilometers to the southwest.

Winterthur is known as a "city of museums." It has only 18 museums, but their hallmark is a large number of jewelry collections which became famous in the country and abroad. Numerous collections provide an opportunity to admire the outstanding works of art. Perhaps, so many masterpieces can be seen only in this city, such as the Oskar Reinhart Museum (a collection of Oscar Reinhart "Am Römerholz"), the Winterthur Museum of Fine Arts, Villa Flora Museum, as well as the Briner and Kern Museums.

Winterthur also has the rich musical and theatrical life. The oldest musical organization in Winterthur is the Musical Collegium which was established in 1629 and brought a certain organizational structure to burgeoning musical life supported by the rising bourgeoisie.

The city has several theaters. Casino theater on Shtadtshtrasse is a house comedy known throughout Switzerland. Winterthur Theatre is the largest touring theater of Switzerland. It is also worth to mention Theater am Gleis, pop art theater, located close to the train station. Kellertheater Winterthur organizes theater performances and readings. The oldest theater in the city is the Summer Theatre that has been operating since 1865. In Waaghaus, there is a puppet theater. In the basement of a shoe store Peterhans, there is a children's puppet theater.

Winterthur hosts many activities. For example, in February they have Carnival, and in the end of May the city hosts African Trinity when the African market operates and several concerts are conducted. Within the last weekend of June, you can visit Albanifest – a celebration of the City Statute of Winterthur. This is the biggest festival of the old town organized in Europe.

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