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Mammalogy in South Korea – Diagnostic in the Best Hospitals

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Here you will find most technologically advanced mammalogy hospitals in South Korea

Samsung Medical Center Seoul
South Korea, Seoul

Samsung Medical Center Seoul

Overall rating9.8 / 10

Department of Adult and Pediatric General Surgery

The Department of Adult and Pediatric General Surgery offers the full range of services in this medical field. The department specializes in gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, colorectal surgery, breast surgery, endocrine, vascular and pediatric surgery. The department is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipmen
Lee Suk Koo
Prof. Dr. med.Lee Suk Koo
Asan Medical Center Seoul
South Korea, Seoul

Asan Medical Center Seoul

Overall rating9.6 / 10

Department of Mammology

The Department of Mammology offers modern diagnostics and treatment of all breast diseases, especially breast cancer. The specialists of the department have an advanced experience in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. Whenever possible, breast-conserving surgeries are performed. In order to achieve the best cosmetic result
Sei-hyun Ahn
Dr. med.Sei-hyun Ahn