Transplantation of Hair Follicles With DHI for Alopecia (hair Loss) treatment in the Best Hospitals in the World

TravelMEDI Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation provides the high-quality and effective treatment of alopecia, including especially complex forms. The scope of the department's ​​competence also includes eyebrow and beard transplantations. The patients who want to restore the density and beauty of their hair can also receive injections of their own platelet-rich plasma. Hair transplantations are performed using the very latest FUE and DHI techniques, which guarantee optimal and natural results, while minimizing injury rate. The patient does not need to be hospitalized for the hair transplantation and can return to normal life after 2-3 days.

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Suzermed Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the very latest treatments for all forms of alopecia. The medical team of the department specializes in FUE and DHI hair transplantations, as well as hair follicle transplantation without prior shaving. The area of competence of the medical team also includes PRP therapy to activate hair growth and restore hair density. The department is proud of its many years of successful clinical experience, thanks to which more than 5,000 patients can enjoy their healthy and beautiful hair, as well as managed to get rid of the complexes caused by alopecia once and for all. The department's doctors deal with the treatment of patients from more than 25 countries of the world, including the UK, France, Germany and Russia.

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers top-class treatment for alopecia in accordance with standardized clinical protocols. The department admits both men and women for treatment. The medical facility specializes in hair transplantation using the very latest FUE and FUT techniques, which are recognized all over the world and guarantee a successful life-long result – healthy and beautiful hair. After the transplantation, the hair looks as natural as possible. The hair transplantation is a full-fledged surgical intervention, and therefore it is performed in a specially equipped operating room, in compliance with all safety and sterility requirements.

ClinicHair Izmir

location_onTurkey, Izmir

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of services in the field of hair transplantation and hair growth restoration. The department's specialists provide high-quality treatment for alopecia in men and women. The hair transplantation procedure is performed on the most modern equipment using FUE or FUT techniques, which involve the transplantation of individual hair grafts containing one or more hair follicles. All procedures are performed under anesthesia for maximum patient comfort. The operation is preceded by the preliminary diagnostics, while the attending physician determines the number of grafts required for a particular clinical case.

Adem and Havva Medical Center Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of hair restoration therapies. The specialists of the health facility have a rich and successful clinical experience in the field of hair transplantation operations that do not leave any scars and do not cause any side effects. The department performs surgical procedures under local anesthesia, which eliminates pain. The department's area of ​​expertise includes hair transplantation for men, women, as well as hair transplantation in the ​​eyebrows, beards and mustaches. Hair is restored with the use of the most innovative techniques available in modern medicine – FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques.

Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers high-quality operations for hair growth restoration in patients with alopecia, as well as cosmetic procedures for hair growth stimulation, restoration of hair density and aesthetic appearance. The department's specialists provide medical services to both men and women. The therapeutic options of the department include not only hair transplantation on the head, but also procedures for hair transplantation on the beard and eyebrows. Only experienced and highly qualified doctors with more than 10 years of successful experience in this specialization work with the patients.

Transes Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of modern techniques for hair loss treatment. The department's doctors successfully carry out all procedures available in modern medicine – FUE, Sapphire FUE, GOLD FUE and DHI. All techniques are innovative and guarantee excellent results even in the most complex clinical cases. The choice of the technique depends on the specific indications of the patient. In most cases, hair transplantation is performed in men, but the department's doctors also specialize in performing this procedure for women. The service range is complemented by conservative cosmetic procedures for hair growth stimulation and improvement of its aesthetic appearance.

Liv Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers both conservative and surgical treatment methods for alopecia, including severe types. The department's specialists successfully carry out high-quality and effective hair loss treatment using FUE and DHI techniques. Among the department’s patients are not only men, but also women, since alopecia can occur due to hormonal disorders, chemotherapy or as a result of accidents. The department also offers the injection of platelet-rich plasma, which helps to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. The service range is complemented by hair mesotherapy.

Samitivej Hospital Bangkok

location_onThailand, Bangkok

Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology specializes in providing comprehensive medical services to patients with diseases of the skin and its appendages. The department provides therapy for dermatological diseases, including infections, hair loss, fungal infections of the nails and acne. The highly qualified doctors of the department have tremendous experience of work with various skin types and clinical cases of varying severity, so they provide optimal medical care using medical innovations.

SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic Antalya

location_onTurkey, Antalya

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of modern therapeutic procedures for hair loss. The department specializes in the surgical interventions for alopecia treatment, as well as in the conservative cosmetic procedures for the restoration of the density and beauty of hair. The patients can undergo hair transplantation not only in the head, but also in the beard and eyebrow. The department annually performs about 600 hair follicle transplants using FUE and DHI methods. In 95% of cases, the department's doctors achieve excellent results in alopecia treatment, thanks to which they have gained prestige at both national and international levels.

Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of modern procedures for the treatment, restoration, strengthening and transplantation of hair for men and women. All the procedures are painless and performed under local anesthesia in order to ensure maximum comfort for the patients. The department's specialists use the most modern equipment for hair transplantation using FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques. When performing the operations, the doctors use an innovative Needle-Free anesthesia, which does not require an injection of drugs. The hair transplantation can be performed on the head, beard, eyebrows, mustache and eyelashes.

Wish Clinic and Beauty Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplantation

The Department of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplantation offers the full range of services in the areas of its specialization. The department's specialists perform both reconstructive and aesthetic interventions. The department eliminates the consequences of injuries and invasive treatment of oncological diseases, carries out the correction of birth defects, hair transplantation on the head, beard, mustache and eyebrow, as well as face and body correction. In addition to surgical operations, the department's service range includes rejuvenating procedures, which are aimed at the restoration of skin elasticity and health improvement. The department strictly adheres to all modern safety and sterility standards, while the medical personnel regularly undergo advanced training courses in order to apply the most modern techniques in their practice.

Rami Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation specializes in the detection of the causes of hair loss and hair transplantation in men and women. In addition, the competence of the department's specialists includes hair transplantation in the beard for men and eyebrows for women. The doctors use in their clinical practice an innovative hair transplantation technique called FUE (follicular unit extraction), which is recognized worldwide as the best and the most effective treatment for various types of progressive alopecia. Hair transplantation is a full-fledged surgical intervention, and therefore the department has specially equipped treatment rooms, which strictly meet all hygiene and safety standards. When performing FUE hair transplantation, the department's specialists follow the current clinical protocols, which guarantee the achievement of the best result without any risks to the patient's health. The department's specialists have vast clinical experience and they have already performed thousands of successful hair transplant procedures. Therefore, the medical facility has an impeccable reputation in Turkey and admits more and more patients from foreign countries every year.

Okan University Hospital Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers all advanced hair transplantation techniques, which ensure painless and minimally traumatic hair restoration in the head, beard, mustache and eyebrows. Although a large number of hair transplantations are performed in men, the department's specialists also perform this procedure in women. Of particular interest to the department's surgeons is micro FUE hair transplantation, as it is one of the most effective methods – it allows the doctor to transplant up to 5,000 grafts within a single operation, leaves no scars and ensures the excellent lifelong results. The medical facility is one of the best in the world in the field of hair transplantation and gladly provides treatment to patients from Turkey, EU countries and the United States.

Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation offers the full range of services for conservative alopecia treatment and hair transplantation services. The specialists of the department successfully perform such procedures as seamless hair transplantation using the FUE method, hair transplantation using the DHI method with a special Choi Pen, beard, mustache and eyebrow hair transplantation. The most popular and effective treatments are FUE and DHI. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and the patients does not need to shave off their hair first. In addition, the transplanted hair looks natural.

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul

location_onTurkey, Istanbul

Department of Hair Transplantation

The Department of Hair Transplantation uses all modern techniques to solve the problem of hair loss on the head, eyebrows and beard. The department's specialists perform hair transplantation both in the case of hair loss due to genetic or other causes, as well as restore hair after accidents and burns. The competence of the medical facility includes DHI and FUE hair transplantation techniques, including Sapphire FUE, the treatment of alopecia with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) at an early stage. The treatment method is selected on an individual basis, depending on the specific cause of hair loss.

Hair transplant is performed in order to restore hair growth in areas of alopecia. Treatment abroad is performed using innovative techniques for graft transplantation, including FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant. In most cases, the patient himself is a donor. Pathological hair loss and the subsequent development of alopecia is a widespread problem among men after 35-40 years, but it also occurs in women. Hair transplant is the only chance to regain natural beauty.

Causes of hair loss are as follow:

  • Prolonged intake of vitamin A
  • Prolonged intake of oral contraceptives and anticoagulants
  • Pregnancy, due to hormonal changes
  • Stress alopecia
  • Wounds on the scalp, scalp scars
  • Endocrine diseases
  • And other ones

Hair transplant is a highly effective way to restore hair density, even with large areas of alopecia. The techniques that are used abroad, including FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant, demonstrate excellent results. The hair transplant procedure does not cause swelling and pain.

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure. After the implantation of hair follicles there are no scars. Hair transplant consists of several stages, including preparation of the donor and recipient site, grafts extraction, dividing them into follicles and subsequent implantation in the area of hair loss.

The cost of hair transplant depends on the selected technique (FUT or FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant), the size of the hair loss area, the hospital and the doctor's qualifications.

Medical tourism in the field of trichology is a popular destination that allows patients from different countries to treat alopecia successfully. The state-of-the-art hair transplantation techniques provide an excellent aesthetic result.

To choose the best hair transplant hospital, you may use the services of the leading medical tourism operator – Booking Health. Booking Health managers will help you find a qualified hair transplant specialist in the world's leading hospitals at affordable prices.

Treatment abroad is carried out with high quality, with the use of innovative micro-instruments for hair transplantation. This allows reaching 98-99% survival rate of implanted hair follicles. After transplantation, natural hair growth is restored within 4-7 months.

The cost of hair transplant procedure may differ, but due to the peculiarities of medical tourism with Booking Health it is quite affordable for many people.

Modern DHI method (seamless technique) – the direct hair transplant

During the last decades, two methods have been used for hair transplantation. These are FUT and FUE hair transplant. Today, several techniques are used for these purposes. The main ones among them are listed below.

The strip-method (FUT or surgical one) is one of the most traumatic methods of hair transplantation. It is a technique when a flap of scalp skin is cut out from the back of the head and is divided into grafts. The advantage of hair transplantation using this technique is the ability to restore large alopecia areas and transplant up to 4,500-5,000 hair follicles per procedure. Cutting off a flap of scalp skin can also damage the hair follicles during the formation of grafts. In addition, the duration of hair transplant using the FUT method does not exceed 4 hours.

FUE hair transplant is a microsurgical operation that allows removing hair follicles and implanting them in the target area without making skin cuts and stitches. A rotating punch is used to harvest material, which allows extracting follicles in a more sparing manner.

DHI hair transplant is performed using ultra-modern equipment. This hair transplant technique ensures 100% natural results. During the DHI hair transplant, hair follicles are harvested and implanted with the Choi Pen with the diameter of up to 0.8 mm. Due to the tiny diameter of the needle, the implanted material takes root well, and the healing process is fast.

Hair transplantation with the Choi implanter is carried out as the single-stage intervention – a puncture is made, and the hair follicle is implanted immediately. This hair transplant procedure is the seamless manipulation, and micro-punctures after hair transplantation heal within a few days.

The method of direct hair transplantation allows achieving high hair density (up to 120 hairs per 1 square centimeter), as well as maintaining the correct hair angle during hair transplantation. As a result of using the latest technology, the new hair will look natural.

The cost of DHI hair transplant is higher compared to other hair transplantation methods. In this case, the price for the procedure is fair, and the hair transplantation using this technique is considered the most effective one.

The main advantages of DHI

The main advantage of DHI hair transplant is the use of an implanter, which removes the follicular unit without harvesting a skin flap from the scalp. Previously, it was necessary to make incisions for implanting the donor hair in the scalp skin. Today transplantation is performed with a single puncture, without the additional preliminary incisions. Hair transplant using this advanced technique ensures minimal trauma and reduces risk of bleeding.

Other benefits of DHI hair transplant include:

  • The technique of graft extraction and subsequent implantation allows saving up to 90% of follicular units, which is significantly higher than with FUE and FUT hair transplant. Preserving hair follicles leads to growing of thick and strong hair.
  • Hair transplantation with an implanter provides quick recovery without complications.
  • Excellent aesthetic result. With the help of a specialized instrument, the hair transplant is carried out more precisely and carefully. After DHI hair transplant, the hairline looks natural.
  • Treatment abroad implies excellent skills and vast experience of doctors, the best service and an individual approach to each patient. The hair transplant is performed in comfortable conditions.

Disadvantages of DHI hair transplant

The main disadvantage of the DHI hair transplant is the duration of the procedure. It usually takes from 4 to 10-12 hours. This is due to the need to be very precise when performing hair transplant. Such a delicate hair transplant procedure is carried out in hospitals in Turkey, Thailand, Poland and other countries only by specially trained healthcare professionals who know all the peculiarities of transplantation.

How is DHI hair transplant performed?

During hair transplantation, grafts are harvested from the back of the head. In men the donor regions can also be the chest, upper or lower extremities. The follicles are placed in a special liquid, after which their survival increases significantly. Next, hair follicles are implanted into the alopecia area at an angle of 45 degrees, considering the direction of the hair growth.

The main stages of DHI hair transplant include:

  1. Preparing the patient for hair transplant. The preliminary consultation and laboratory tests are carried out, based on the results hair follicle transplantation is planned. If the patient’s health state is good and there are no contraindications, a doctor proceeds to the next stage of hair transplant.
  2. Performing anesthesia for hair transplantation. Local anesthesia that affects only areas with alopecia is usually performed. In foreign hospitals, modern anesthetics with minimal side effects are used. Anesthesia before the hair transplant procedure is carried out by an anesthesiologist who monitors the patient's condition throughout the hair transplant.
  3. The next stage of hair transplant is grafts (hair follicles) extraction. The patient is a donor and a recipient at the same time. The material is harvested with a special microsurgical instrument, without damaging the follicles.
  4. Preparing grafts for hair transplantation. After the removal, the follicles are placed into Petri dishes, where they are carefully cleaned of pieces of tissue. For transplantation, the individual follicles are moved to the implanter and the implantation procedure is performed.
  5. Transplant of the processed grafts. Hair transplantation is performed using a special pen, considering the hair growth direction and angle.

Hair transplantation in foreign hospitals is performed by a team of specialists that consists of 5-7 healthcare professionals. Hair transplant may be performed as the single-stage procedure or may be divided into several sessions. The number of transplant procedures depends on the size of alopecia areas and the number of transplanted grafts.

How many grafts are transplanted during one procedure?

With any degree of hair loss, the transplant procedure is painless. As a rule, the doctor is able to perform the hair transplant as the single-stage intervention. In this case, graft transplantation lasts from 1-2 to 9-12 hours.

With a severe hair loss, the hair transplant procedure may be performed repeatedly. Up to 5,000 grafts are transplanted during one session in treatment abroad.

Contraindications for the procedure

Like other methods of transplantation (FUT, FUE hair transplant), DHI hair transplant is contraindicated for people with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, tumors, mental disorders, skin diseases.

Doctors do not recommend carrying out hair transplantation for patients under the age of 18, which is associated with the instability of the hormonal levels. Implantation is also not carried out in patients over 70 years of age. In elderly people, cutting off scalp skin flaps for hair transplantation is undesirable due to poor tissue healing. In addition, the survival rate of implanted follicles is too low.

What influences the result?

The result is primarily influenced by considering the hair growth angles during the hair transplant. Treatment abroad is carried out only by experienced specialists who do not make mistakes when transplanting grafts. Therefore, the result of the follicle transplantation procedure looks natural.

An important component of a successful transplant is careful preliminary planning of a DHI hair transplant. The natural appearance of the hairline and good follicle engraftment depend on it significantly.

Are there any risks during the procedure?

Hair transplantation is a procedure the success of which depends on the qualifications of the doctor and the healthcare team. With the help of Booking Health managers, you can find doctors with many years of experience. In addition, Booking Health managers will supervise the entire transplant procedure from the beginning to its completion. Since hair transplant is a minimally invasive operation, there are virtually no risks and less complications.

How long does the recovery period take?

After graft transplantation, small punctures at the implantation site heal within 2-4 days. Hair loss occurs within six months after hair transplant and this is considered normal.

Full restoration of hair growth after hair transplant can be expected in 6-8 months. With this technique of hair follicle transplantation, the patient can return to his usual life the very next day.

Difference between DHI and FUE methods

DHI and FUE hair transplant are similar in the way of graft extraction and the absence of postoperative scars. Nevertheless, with DHI hair transplantation is performed in one step.

DHI hair transplant does not require shaving the head in the donor area, and allows implanting grafts more tightly. This provides a natural look and thicker hair.

How much does hair transplant cost abroad, where to undergo the procedure?

The cost of hair transplant depends on the severity of alopecia (hair loss), the number of follicles that need to be transplanted, the country and the hospital in case of treatment abroad.

The cost of hair transplant is several times lower in Turkish and Polish clinics compared to Germany and the USA. Price for treatment abroad includes stay in the hospital and the preliminary diagnostic procedures.

The price for hair follicles transplant in different hospitals abroad is from 800 to 2,500 USD. Booking Health managers will provide you with information about the best hair transplant hospitals. We choose options of treatment abroad based on the quality-price ratio, so you will pay less.

You can estimate the cost of hair transplant by contacting Booking Health managers. Booking Health offers comprehensive assistance in the sphere of medical tourism.

Alopecia treatment abroad allows restoring natural beauty, undergoing hair transplantation with innovative technology. Get a consultation from the Booking Health medical coordinator right now. You may call Booking Health by phone number on the website or send the online request.

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