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Clinic in Alpenpark Bad Wiessee

Bad Wiessee, Germany

With 120 comfortable hospital patient rooms and a highly specialized team of doctors, the Rehabilitation Clinic in Alpenpark offers comprehensive medical care, final rehabilitation and rehabilitation procedures in such areas as orthopedics and trauma surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology and abdominal surgery. 

According to the FOCUS magazine rating of 2017, the clinic ranks among the best rehabilitation clinics in the field of orthopedics in Germany!

The treatment provided in the Clinic in Alpenpark is based on a comprehensive, individual approach. Therefore, there is initially created a complete clinical picture of your diseases. Throughout the entire course of treatment, the patient has a personal physician and a personal therapist. After a series of thorough examinations, the doctor develops a treatment plan with an individual combination of therapies.

Following the latest scientific achievements and applying innovative therapeutic techniques, the team of doctors and nursing staff working in the clinic pursues a single goal: treatment that provides long-term relief of symptoms and the imparting of new powers.

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Patients rooms

Depending on the area and location, the patient rooms ranging from 16 to 40 sq. m. are divided into three categories ("classic", "comfortable" and "superior" rooms). In most cases, the rooms have a balcony or a terrace. An elegant home style is combined with maximum functionality, so that even patients with limited mobility can successfully cope with most everyday tasks on their own.

In addition to 85 comfortable patient rooms, patients of the hospital can also be accommodated in spacious suites (seized 40-90 square meters), namely, Junior suites or Executive suites. The most spacious of them have an own name: suite Anna, suite Ringsee and suite Tegernsee. Especially spacious rooms (seized 55 - 90 square meters), located in the newly built Ringberghaus, are equipped with a connecting door and can be extended up to 110 or even 145 square meters building the most generous suites in Bayern. All suites offer separate living and sleeping areas as well as spacious bathrooms and a lot of storage space for personal items.

Meals and Menus

The chefs of the clinic attach great importance to fresh and seasonal ingredients. In addition, dieticians create an individual diet plan based on your therapeutic goals.

Accompanying person

It goes without saying that the Clinic in Alpenpark  also offers accommodation for your accompanying person. 


Bad Wiessee is a town in the district of Miesbach, Upper Bavaria, the western shore of Lake Tegernsee. Thanks to the two largest sulfur springs of iodine in Germany, which were discovered during the drilling of oil wells in 1909, Bad Wiessee is known as a resort and a popular holiday destination. Of course, spa parks are the main attraction of Bad Wiessee. In addition, the cozy spa town boasts numerous historical monuments.