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Patients rooms

Most of the patient rooms of the Hospital have been completely renovated and offer you a bright and friendly atmosphere. All rooms have at their disposal a telephone and TV-set as well as an integrated washing zone. Rooms, for which patients pay a supplement, also have an own bathroom and WC. Upon request, a mobile refrigerator can be moved to the patient’s bedside.

Meals and Menus

The hospital’s own kitchen offers patients a wide range of foods consisting of three main meals that are combinable as well as numerous dishes for specialized diets. In addition, the confectioner of the Hospital bakes delicious cakes and pies every day.

An actual menu is available in each patient room. Nurses and carers will write down your wishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Patients who have to follow a special diet plan prescribed by a doctor will respectively receive other dishes.

Please inform the nursing staff of the Hospital in advance about your incompatibilities with certain foods and related nutritional aversions.


Standard rooms include:






In patient rooms, TV-sets and radio-sets are installed. You can find usage instructions in your patient files. You will need headphones to use it, which you can buy at the reception desk or bring it from home. For reasons of hygiene, the staff of the Hospital cannot take the headphones back after your stay. The usage of private TV-sets and radio-sets is not allowed.


The Hospital offers patients and their family members possibilities to meet religious needs and invites them to church services. Both catholic and evangelical services can be carried out. All services take place in the Hospital’s chapel on the ground floor, which is otherwise open for a silent prayer.

If the patient cannot come to the church service on his/hers own, the nursing staff of the Hospital can bring him to chapel in a bed or specialized chair after prior request.

Accompanying person

The accommodation of accompanying persons is possible for an extra fee only if the bed capacity allows it.

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