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Endometrial cancer (uterine cancer): Compare Costs for a treatment abroad

Uterine cancer can be a shock for a woman. Early symptoms of uterine cancer can include stress and also fatigue, that can`t go away. The first thing to do is to calm down. Uterine cancer prognosis is very promising and if you go to a good clinic and foresee the signs of uterine cancer early, your chances to fully recover are very high. Positive emotions and high-spirited attitude will make you healthy again in no time.            

Below, methods of uterine cancer treatments are listed. By clicking on the search results, not only will you be able to find the most suitable clinics and the best specialists in this field, you will also be able to find out how much such treatments cost and book the program you are interested in online.  

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Hysterectomy adnexectomy and lymphadenectomy by peritoneal carcinomatosis
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Total resection of the uterus and omentum by peritoneal carcinomatosis
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Radiation therapy or brachytherapy and chemotherapy
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Cancer rehabilitation
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Best hospitals for Endometrial cancer (uterine cancer) treatment

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Academic Hospital Eichsfeld

With 341 beds, the Academic Hospital Eichsfeld is the center of inpatient medical care in the district of Eichsfeld (Thuringia). As the Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Göttingen, the medical institution provides first-class medical care at both national and international levels.

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DRK Altenkirchen-Hachenburg Hospital

The DRK Altenkirchen-Hachenburg Hospital provides optimal treatment of patients in the selected activity areas on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. The hospital is focused on general and abdominal surgery, traumatology and hand surgery, as well as internal medicine and pain therapy. .

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About the disease

Uterine cancer basically forms in the tissue of the uterus. The fact you probably didn`t know about: uterine cancer prognosis states that this kind of tumor is the most common type in the world  among women. The most common causes of uterine cancer are older age, big number of sexual partners, pathology and tendency to overeat. Human papillomavirus can also be a cause of uterine cancer. Papillomavirus is a DNA virus, that can be transmitted during birth through woman to her child. It can also be transmitted as a genital infection and seldomly through hands. It was said, that 40% of uterus cancers are the cause of this virus.

Endometrial cancer is often mistaken for an uterine cancer, when in fact it`s not true. Endometrial cancer is a subtype of uterine cancer,  because it develops only in the lining of female womb, and uterine cancer includes cervical cancer and uterine sarcome. When you think about what is endometrial cancer and what is uterine cancer, you can simply look at the picture of the uterus and see, that endometrial cancer can be located on the endometrium, which is a little tiny line, while cervical cancer can appear in any part of the cervix.  


Symptoms most often involve heavy vaginal bleeding, and it is especially alarming during the postmenopause period. Sometimes the cause of a vaginal bleeding is not a symptom of uterine cancer, but a woman should go to the gynecologist anyway. Other uterine cancer symptoms include pain in the pelvix, that can be continuous or appear either during urinating or during sexual intercourse. If the woman had some strange discharges or spotting, these are also signs of uterine cancer.

Those women who had never had children or who suffer from obesity are more likely to experience signs and symptoms of uterine cancer and they are in the risk group. Endometrial cancer symptoms are much like uterine cancer symptoms, with the exception that endometrial cancer symptoms include weight loss and also the woman can actually feel a tumor in her uterus.


  • If you experience any signs of endometrial cancer and you go to the hospital, first thing you are required to do is to undergo physical examination. During a physical examination the doctor will remove little part of endometrial  tissue that will be examined thoroughly in the laboratory. This kind of analysis will show if there is malignant tumor in the body of the female.
  • Apart from physical examination, women also need to undergo biopsy. It is a necessary measure, even if a woman does not have obvious endometrial cancer symptoms. In fact women who are older than 35 are often advised to take biopsy annually, especially if they suffer from obesity or lead unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Another kind of diagnosis of endometrial cancer is transvaginal ultrasound. It is mostly practiced in the United Kingdom and in the USA and it is done in addition to traditional cancer diagnosis. Sometimes the thickness in the female`s womb is not a cancer and the reason for vaginal pain is something else. In this case the ultrasound helps to determine if the thickness is cancerous and if further diagnosis should be done. Sometimes in these cases patients are required to undergo the usual procedure of MRI to also determine the stage of tumor. In rare cases liver and kidney tests are also done to determine the exact location of the cancer.   


  • Hysterectomy is a surgery, during which the uterus is removed. It is usually performed in progressed stages of this cancer. 
  • Hysterectomy adnexectomy and lymphadenectomy by peritoneal carcinomatosis is the removal of the uterine tube abd ovaries with further removal of the lymph nodes, which were also affected by cancer.
  • Total resection of the uterus and omentum by peritoneal carcinomatosis is removal of the uterus with the resection of peritoneum layer, which surrounds the abdominal organs in case malignant cells spread to that region.
  • Radiation. There are two types of radiation: external and internal and they usually eliminate all  cancerous cells, thus reducing the risk of morbidity by several times.
  • Sometimes hormone therapy is also required. Hormones that consist of estrogen are used during early stages of cancer.

Treatment of the disease depends on its staging. In the early stages of tumor development, the prevention of malignant cells growth can be achieved. Uterine cancer prognosis states that the average survival rate for females with endometrial cancer  and  uterine cancer is 70%, which is a high number, although the frequency that this cancer takes place in today`s world is also high.  

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