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Liver cancer basically appears in the liver. Prominent syptoms of liver cancer are yellow skin, indigestion, dizziness and very often pain in liver. During early stages of liver cancer, it can go by invisibly. It is obvious that the most common reason for liver cancer is hepatitis, which is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. Especially B and C type of hepatitis can provoke the malignant cells. Hepatitis B and C in their turn can be very often caused by cirhosis, which is a malfunction of liver. People can have cirhosis because of heavy drinking and poor diet.

Options for liver cancer treatment

Liver tumor treatment has many options.


During the surgery the doctor performs the resection of the liver. Nevertheless, this kind of surgery can be done only in case there is no cirhosis. Surgery is a very risky liver cancer treatment, as fatal complications can occur during the operation. Whereas surgery can`t be a treatment of liver cancer, the transplantation is used. If the disease is in its late stage, it is complicated to perform a surgery or to find transplant, that can cure liver. Very often people, who has registered for transplants, are not able to be operated, as the size of their tumor becomes too big. The statistics says only 30-40% of people get liver transplantation in time.

Percutaneous ablation

This liver cancer treatment does not involve surgery. In fact ablation does not require operation at all. Naturally, ablation can be done during only early stages of liver cancer.

Ablation basically uses medicine, that is interjected into the liver. Ablation would be considered a perfect cure for liver cancer, if it didn`t bring harm to other organs, that are situated close to the ill organ. The problem is that the ablation uses too much heat, that diminishes malignant cells, but also can damages other vital organ.


Chemotherapy as a treatment for liver cancer is used additionaly to other liver cancer treatment options, mostly resection and liver transplants.


Radiotherapy is not a very popular liver cancer treatment, as the liver is not able to respond very well to it. In fact, radiotherapy can bring more harm than cure in this case.

Laser therapy is an absolutely new and innovative treatment for liver cancer, that uses laser to kill the malignant cells. This type of treatment is also known as photochemotherapy, as it practically uses the oxygen to cure the cells. Photochemotherapy is also used to kill all kinds of viruses, so it is a good way to prevent other different diseases. It sometimes can save the person`s life. This kind of treatment is available only in modern clinics, but it begins to be used more and more often as a preventive procedure.

For many people the problem how to cure liver cancer can not be solved. Not to give any chance to disease and to prevent liver cancer, healthy people should know about many options how to lower all risks of liver cancer. More than half of cases of liver cancer appear because of Hepatisis B so it is essential for a person to get vaccinated against hepatitis B. Unfortunately, there`s no vaccination against hepatitis C at the moment, but modern medicine strives to create it, as well as liver cancer cure and liver metastases cure. Sometimes hepatits B and C can enter the person`s body through blood, so it`s also important to always look after the safety of any injections that the person gets either in hospital or in everyday life. There are other causes of liver cancer and liver metastases, and they mostly include big amounts alcohol. If a person lowers a risk of getting diabetes, he also lowers a risk of getting liver cancer. Sometimes antivirus drugs (pills) also help to prevent the liver cancer. They aim to kill all the viruses in the organs.

Metastatic liver tumor

Liver metastases is not a liver cancer, so it`s important not to mistaken these two diseases, that can appear in liver. Liver metastases is a tumor, that had spread to liver from other ill organ. Tumor has a tendency to grow and to affect other organs, especially in advanced stage Metastatic liver cancer appears mostly from breast cancer, ovaries cancer, lung cancer and especially kidney cancer, as kidney is an organ that is situated closest to liver.

Metastatic liver cancer prognosis states that 30-40% of people were able to recover from this disease. This very same liver metastases prognosis gives a fact that 60-70% of people have reccurence, after being treated in the hospital.

Nevertheless, there are many options for liver metastases treatment and they include surgery and chemotherapy. But in many cases surgery can`t be performed. Metastatic liver cancer is much more complicated to cure than liver cancer. Too many cells are malignant and it`s very hard to predict the exact location where they can appear later.

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Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen-Steele

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Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen-Ruettenscheid

With 900 beds and approximately 2,050 employees in two branches, the Alfried Krupp Hospital is one of the larger hospital institutions in Essen.

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