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Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is a modern medical facility, which specializes in plastic aesthetic interventions, hair transplantation, and also provides high-quality dental services. The medical center has an excellent reputation both in Turkey and internationally. The excellent quality of the medical service is confirmed by the prestigious ISO 9001-2008 certificate.

The key to the successful clinical practice is an advanced medical and technical base combined with the highly professional doctors who regularly improve their skills and keep pace with innovations in medicine. The specialists of the medical complex admit about 1,500 inpatients and about 2,500 outpatients annually.

Such medical services as hair transplantation, including in the area of ​​the beard and eyebrows, facelift and neck lift, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, dental procedures – teeth whitening, placement of dental implants, veneers, treatment of gum diseases, root channels are especially popular here.

The main task of each doctor at the medical center is to provide high quality services aimed at improving the appearance and quality of life.

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Department of Plastic Surgery

Gürhan Özcan Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Hair Transplantation

Oya Şişman Dr. med.

Department of Dentistry

Aylin Turan Dr. med.



During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. If desired, it is possible to stay in a hotel on the territory of the hospital or in a nearby hotel. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Istanbul is an ancient city that has been standing on the shores of the Bosporus for many centuries. Charming streets and squares, beautiful mosques, palaces and museums, traditional hammams, colorful markets, excellent restaurants, some of which are located on the rooftops of the city, and hundreds of tiny shops with unique Turkish sweets – all this attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Almost everyone likes Istanbul, because everyone can find something interesting here.

During the stay in this majestic and incredibly beautiful city, it is definitely worth visiting its main attractions. The symbols of Istanbul are Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque, each of them will amaze one with its magnificent architecture, rich interior and extraordinary atmosphere. The beautiful Byzantine cathedral of Hagia Sophia is also an outstanding architectural monument, which was rebuilt by the Ottomans into a mosque.

It is worth to continue the exploration of the city with an excursion to Topkapi Palace, which for over 400 years was the residence of the Ottoman sultans and the cultural centre of the Ottoman Empire. The complex of palaces, pavilions, mosques, fountains and parks is located in the heart of modern Istanbul. The palace is surrounded by an almost five-kilometer wall. The observation platforms of the palace offer magnificent views of the Golden Horn Bay and Marmara Sea.

In addition, the city has many interesting museums. The most popular of them include the Kariye Museum with a magnificent collection of frescoes and mosaics, the Museum of Antiquity with a huge collection of historical values, the Museum of Oriental Antiquities with items of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Anatolian and Arab civilizations, as well as the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum.

The metropolis also has many shopping centers and markets where one can buy souvenirs, clothes, including high-quality fur and leather goods, home textiles, jewelry, famous oriental sweets, etc. The city offers connoisseurs of delicious food many cafes, bars and gourmet restaurants with amazing national Turkish cuisine.