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The provision of better health care in a personal atmosphere

If you are looking for the best hospitals of the world, give Swiss hospitals a go. Swiss hospitals offer the most advanced equipment, high-quality service, care, as well as perfect organization, which are also cornerstones of our private hospital operating for over 85 years. This helps us lay a foundation for success treatment and a pleasant stay in the clinic for our patients. Swiss hospitals are continuously evolving, always improving medical technology in order to offer customers the best medical care.

Medical services at Privatklinik Obach are provided by a large number of specialists using the latest equipment.

Thanks to the free practice of doctors having contracts with the hospital, Privatklinik Obach can offer patients a very wide range of medical services. We cover all the important areas of surgery. We also deal with some special areas of therapeutic medicine. However, in rare cases, when there is a need for a major surgery, we offer the patient to apply to specialized centers. Founded in 1922, Privatklinik Obach is the only private hospital (legal form: a partnership) in the region of Solothurn. As we are commercially operated without government subsidies, we provide our services efficiently and at an affordable price.

Our profits are reinvested in order to ensure that technical infrastructure of the hospital always remains up-to-date. However, our motto "Stay Up-To-Date" medically does not mean that we offer expensive and exclusive "high-tech" medicine. We use high-tech means only in those cases where they are really necessary for the effective treatment of the patient.

At Privatklinik Obach, we treat patients with all classes of insurance. Thus, we make a significant contribution to the regional health care.

The system of free practicing doctors having contracts with the hospital allows patients to freely choose a doctor they trust.

We know that care and quality service are very important when you are not well. We promote continuing training and professional development of our employees, as our goal is the best health care in a friendly family atmosphere.

About the city

If you are looking for the best cities to visit in Switzerland, Solothurn is definitely one of them. It is a municipality and the capital of the Canton of Solothurn.

Due to the fact that back in the days Solothurn housed the French Embassy (16-18 c.), this Swiss city is traditionally called "Ambassadorenshtadt" (city of ambassadors). Thanks to its patron saint and the Cathedral, it is also called "St. Urs city." The Old Town in its present state was, for the most part, built between 1520 and 1790 and it is a mixture of different architectural styles, especially the Baroque, and it is regarded by many people as "the most beautiful baroque Swiss city."

Solothurn has its main health care facility, the Civic Hospital. For the city and the canton of Solothurn, Solothurn Civic Hospital operates as an emergency care hospital. 1,200 employees are working in emergency departments and intensive care unit, dealing with all medical disciplines that are related to the services provided by the Civic Hospital, as well as the variety of outpatient departments. Since 2005, the Civil Hospital has become a smoke-free establishment. It also has a blood transfusion center.

This Swiss city is a regional cultural center. Numerous institutions, such as theater, Kulturfabrik Kofmel, Altes Spital Cultural Center, Altes Zeughaus (Old Arsenal) Museum, Waldegg Castle, Solothurn Natural History Museum, Solothurn Museum of Art (Cezanne, Matisse, Renoir, Klimt, Holbein, all on a single occasion edition, Hodler, Amiet, etc.), Historical Museum Blumenstein, Kosciuszko Museum commemorating Tadeusz Kościuszko, the Polish national hero who died in Solothurn in 1817, offer a large variety of cultural activities. This Swiss city, together with the canton and agglomeration communities, is a winner of the Foundation of the Central Library of Solothurn.

Throughout the year, Solothurn offers a wide range of activities. The best known are the Film Days, the Literature Days, the Beer Days, Solothurn Classics (formerly Classic Openair) and Carnival. Every year in early December, the old town hosts Solothurner Chlausemäret (St. Nicholas Market).

Another famous attraction of Solothurn is the old town with its guild halls and sculpted fountains.

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