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Diagnostic Clinic Kantpraxis Berlin

Diagnostic Clinic Kantpraxis Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The Diagnostic Clinic Kantpraxis Berlin is a modern medical facility, which provides patients with a comprehensive, competent and individual medical care. The main areas of specialization of the center include professional diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and rheumatic diseases.

The key to the center’s successful clinical practice is a highly qualified team of doctors with a long experience, modern diagnostic equipment of the latest generation, as well as an individual and integrated approach to every clinical case.

The primary goal of the department's specialists is the prevention, maintenance and protection of health. To this end, the center has developed a unique innovative prevention program that helps patients to identify possible health problems and avoid the development of serious pathologies.

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Department of Diagnostics

Marcus Thuma Dr. med.

Department of Gastroenterology

Johannes Barth Dr. med.

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Elmar Gieseke Dr. med.

Department of Rheumatology

Anabell Nerenheim Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Diagnostic Center Berlin live in comfortable patient rooms with an ensuite bathroom. The furnishing of the patient room includes a comfortable bed, a bedside table, TV and a telephone. All rooms are made in a modern design to make patients feel at home.

Meals and Menus

The patients of the center are offered balanced and delicious three meals a day: buffet breakfast, a hearty lunch and dinner.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



Berlin is the capital of Germany, the largest city of this country, its political and historical center. Extremely fast and dynamic Berlin can be deservedly considered one of the most interesting places on the tourist map of Europe.

The most popular sights of the city are the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the newly constructed Reichstag (residence of the Parliament of the German Empire). The most crowded place in Berlin is the Kurfürstendamm Avenue, which is more than 100 years old.

Those who like museums should visit the  Museum Island, which houses more than 130 museums for every taste. In this place, unique historical exhibits are collected. Of particular interest is the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Old National Gallery, the Old Museum and the New Museum. Each of these places offers numerous art collections. In the halls of the Museum Island it is easy to understand and study history, to get into the atmosphere of the crucial points of the past of the civilization.

Berlin is a city of stunning architectural and cultural diversity, for the study of which one may spend months. In addition, the city offers excellent shopping opportunities and a lively nightlife.