Preventicum Hospital

Essen, Germany

About us Preventicum Hospital

The highly specialized group practice of Prof. Dr Baumgart and Dr Zadow-Eulerich offers unique healthcare here at Preventicum.

Professionals take time for our patients, which means they offer a healthy mix of extensive personal consultation in a quiet atmosphere, precise diagnostics and state-of-the-art therapy methods in one single appointment. It helps to save time and money while avoiding stressful double examinations and long waitings. Professionalism of medical staff and contemporary equipment along with comfortable accomodation for the patient make the Preventicum Hospital one of the best diagnostic institutions of Europe. Patients of the hospital highly appreciate the care and attention they get there.

Location of hospital

Essen began its history with foundation of Essen Abbey in 800 AD. The city is well-known for its Cathedral became famous after several worthless artifacts were found in its crypt. The Essen is also notable for its gallery, “Gathering of Folkwang”, and modern exhibition center.