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Academic Hospital St. Elisabethen Lörrach - Accommodation

Patients rooms

The patients of the Academic Hospital St. Elisabethen live in comfortable single and double rooms. Each room is equipped with a bathroom with a shower and toilet. The room furnishing also includes a comfortable bed, a bedside table for storing personal belongings. The towels are changed every day. Also, patients are offered a special shower set.

When requesting additional services during the registration at the hospital, each patient receives headphones for free, with the help of which one can listen to the radio and watch the LCD TV placed near the bed.

Meals and Menus

In the hospital restaurant, patients are offered a balanced, healthy diet. The restaurant menu changes weekly. Patients can choose between two full menus, light snacks and vegetarian dishes. In addition, a diet menu and dishes for patients of the Muslim faith are offered.

Patients requesting additional services have a choice between the five main dishes and side dishes. In addition to regular meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), such patients are offered daily afternoon coffee with pastries. On weekdays, fresh fruit and juices are also offered.


Standard rooms include:






Almost all patient rooms are equipped with TV-sets, and each room has a radio. You can use it for free. You will need headphones which you can buy at the reception desk.


Optional service patients receive a daily phone card with a start credit as well as an actual newspaper. 


The hospital offers pastoral care. An own private chapel near the entrance hall is available for you during the whole day. The chapel and the special prayer and retreat room are open for members of all religious communities and worldviews.

Accompanying person

The accompanying person of children up to 6 years can stay with the child 24h a day. As a rule, accompanying persons can spend the night in the patient room. If the child is in the intensive care station, you can stay in parent's rooms of the hospital.

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