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St. Anna Hospital Herne

he St. Anna Hospital Herne belongs to the St. Elisabeth Group - Catholic clinics Rhine/Ruhr. The Hospital is equipped with modern high-tech equipment and offers innovative treatment techniques. More than 1,000 medical employees put all their efforts to ensure patient’s wellbeing and swift recovery. Each year, approximately 100,000 in- and outpatients are treated here. The Hospital has at its disposal over 350 beds. Established in 1901, it offers nowadays comprehensive medical care to all patients.

With a broad range of medical services the St. Anna Hospital Herne is in charge for high/class medical care of numerous patients from various regions of Germany and other countries. For instance, the Center for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the St. Elisabeth Group is one of the largest of its kind in Germany. The Hospital commands extensive expertise in treatment of cancer patients, which is performed within the Cancer Centers, the Intestinal Cancer Center, Breast Center and Pancreas Center. A strong cooperation is maintained between different Departments of the St. Anna Hospital Herne, such as Department of General and Abdominal Surgery, Department of Gastroenterology as well as Department of Senology. Other focuses are on orthopedics (endoprosthetics), abdominal medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine as well as gynecology and obstetrics.

Due to an outstanding treatment quality, the Hospital has numerous awards and certified medical centers. As an example, the St. Anna Hospital Herne ranks among the 100 best clinics in Germany according to FOCUS magazine. Certified medical centers of the Department are the Trauma Center, the Center for Endoprosthetics, Baby-friendly maternity Center, Endometriosis Center, Center for Abdominal Medicine, Hypertension Center as well as Cancer Center. The Breast Cancer Center, Intestinal Center and Pancreas Center build the Cancer Center.  The certification of these fields proves the particular expertise, which the St. Anna Hospital Herne has accumulated in the treatment of people suffering from cancer.

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Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

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Total knee replacement
Hip osteoarthritis (coxarthrosis) treatment with hip replacement (hip endoprosthesis)
Hip osteoarthritis (coxarthrosis) treatment with hip replacement (hip endoprosthesis)

Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics, Breast Center

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Multimodality treatment of ovarian cancer with cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC


Patients rooms

At the St. Anna Hospital Herne, all patient rooms – single and shared rooms – are equipped per guest with a hospital bed, lockable safe deposit box and a bedside table. In addition, there is a shower bath in every room. All rooms have modern equipment, soil-deep windows and a balcony with comfortable seats as well as newly designed bathrooms.

All rooms, for which patients pay a supplement, have high quality spacious bath rooms with WC. Rooms are equipped with comfortable hospital beds, which can be moved in many different positions. The Department offers in the majority of rooms a writing desk, fridge, safe and color television with DVD-player. Upon request, you will receive an Internet access and a fax connection. The room lighting can be set up according to the individual requirements.

Meals and Menus

You can select the menu of your choice from your personal list of meals. Each day, you can choose from 8 main courses for lunch. During the whole day you can get fresh coffee, different types of tea and mineral water in the ward’s kitchen. Juices are always available in the minibar in your room.

Further details

Standard rooms include:






You can listen to 4 various radio programs and watch 30 television programs through headphones at the patient’s bedside.

Accompanying person

Your companion may stay with you in your room or at a hotel of your choice during the fixed program.


You may stay at the hotel during the outpatient program. Our employees will support you for selecting the best option.

About the city

Herne is a large city in the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the past, Herne was an important mining city. There are a number of preserved shaft towers, which recall the mining past and still mark the cityscape of Herne today. The landmark of the city is the moated castle Strünkede in Bakau, a medieval castle surrounded by the magnificent Schlosspark. Worth seeing are also numerous city parts, that offer to their visitors diverse historic building complexes, standing under monument protection, i.a., the city hall, Kreuzkirche, catholic church St. Bonifatius. Every year, a number of different cultural events take place in Herne – most notably Cranger Kirmes, the second largest folk festival in Germany); highly recommended is also the theatre life in city, centered around the kleine theater herne.

St. Anna Hospital Herne:

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