St. Lukas Clinic Solingen


St. Lukas Clinic Solingen

For more than 60 years, the St. Lukas Clinic has made a substantial contribution to health care in the region. In particular, the Hospital offers specialized medical services at a supra-regional level. The departments possess special expertise in such fields as Surgery (General, Visceral Surgery), Oncology and Hematology, Internal Medicine as well as Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Located at the edge of a nature reserve, the Hospital has around 700 employees, who are committed to improving the health and well-being of the patients.

The Clinic belongs to the Kplus group – network of catholic hospitals and facilities for the elderly. Under this roof, the Hospital actively cooperates with other partners of the network, i.e. hospitals in Hilden, Haan, Monheim and Leverkusen. First of all, these synergies benefit the patients of the Hospital. Therefore, the Hospital attaches great importance to the education of the medical and nursing staff and offers a large variety of basic, further and advanced courses within the Kpus network.

The Hospital provides the high-quality medical care, approved by the recognized certificates according to the latest standards. For instance, the Department of Surgery is the Competence and Reference Center for minimally invasive surgery certified by the surgical working group for minimally invasive surgery (CAMIC). In addition, the Stroke Unit of the St. Lukas Clinic in Solingen successfully completed the certification of the LGA Intercert for the special quality in the treatment of stroke patients in December 2009.

As in the past, all employees of the Clinic will also in future make every effort to ensure the patient oriented and high-quality medicine, care and therapy through the professional further development of the St. Lukas Clinic.



Meals and Menus

To make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible, there was developed a very good nutrition program.

The patient is given the opportunity to choose from three menus (whole foods, light normal diet and vegetarian menu). Upon request, you can also receive soup and a dessert. At coffee time in the afternoon, you should try special pastries.

Apart from that, you are offered a large selection of food and drinks in the Lukas Café on first floor. In summer, the terrace can receive 20 persons; the Café is open to you and your visitors from 7 to 18 daily.


The catholic and evangelical divine services take place in the hospital’s chapel on the first floor.

About the city

Solingen, a large city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of 160,000 people, is one of the oldest industrial and manufacturing cities in Germany. The city Solingen has long been renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors and is called the “City of Blades”. The city offers its visitors numerous famous landmarks, including the reconstructed castle Schloss Burg, the former residence of the counts of Berg, Müngsten Bridge, the highest railroad bridge of Germany with a height of 107 m, as well as historical centers of the boroughs of Gräfrath und Burg with its timber-framed and slate-fronted houses in the Bergisch style.

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