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Cancer Center Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Goethe University

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Cancer Center Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Goethe University is a modern medical facility focused on providing first-class medical care in accordance with the very latest international recommendations. The center is part of the Cancer Center Network of Hesse (Kooperationsverbund des Hessischen Onkologiekonzepts). Advanced equipment, competent specialists with a long clinical experience and deep knowledge in the field of their specialization contribute to the fact that the center is one of the best of its kind in Germany.

Thanks to close and fruitful cooperation with the Goethe University, the Cancer Center offers its patients the most advanced scientific achievements and, accordingly, innovative treatments that can hardly be found in all German clinics and even in well-known, internationally renowned clinics.

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Department of Hematology and Oncology

Kai Uwe Chow Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Gastroenterology

Hans-Jörg Cordes Dr. med.

Department of Gynecology

A. Müller Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Cancer Center Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Goethe University live in comfortable patient rooms made in a modern design. Each patient room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The room furnishing includes a comfortable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, TV and a telephone.

Meals and Menus

The patients are offered delicious and healthy three meals a day: buffet breakfast, hearty lunch with a great choice of dishes and a light dinner.


Frankfurt am Main is considered the largest economic, cultural and political center of the land of Hesse, an important transport hub of Germany. Also, the city has dozens of museums, architectural monuments, exhibition centers and many skyscrapers. Frankfurt harmoniously combines both modern innovations and ancient history.

Among the main historical attractions of Frankfurt am Main in Germany is the Municipal Square, which houses incredibly colorful half-timbered houses, as well as the complex of the Römer Town Hall buildings, which has always hosted elections, fairs and other important events in city life. The Gothic St. Bartholomew's Cathedral used to serve as a place for emperors’ coronation, whereas St. Paul’s Church assembled the first all-German parliament in 1848.

In addition, the important Frankfurt’s attraction is the house, in which the German poet Goethe was born. Here he wrote several of his great works and began work on "Faust". The house was carefully restored, its interior reproduces the smallest details, and some items belonged to the Goethe family. Near the house, one can see the Goethe Museum, which stores his works and works of his contemporaries.

Frankfurt has many wonderful parks. Located in the center of the lake, one of them houses the Holzhausen dynasty's Castle. This building in the Rococo style was built in 1727 - 1929. Today, there are held exhibitions and concerts of classical music.