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Hirslanden Clinic Bois-Cerf Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

The Hirslanden Clinic Bois-Cerf Lausanne is a modern medical facility, which has gained an excellent reputation in Switzerland due to the high-level medical service, advanced infrastructure and a humane attitude towards patients. The medical center is part of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, which has high patient satisfaction ratings and provides medical care in accordance with international medical standards. 

The priority focuses of the clinical activities of the medical facility in Lausanne include orthopedics, oncology and ophthalmology. The clinic consists of 14 specialized departments and medical centers, which doctors annually admit more than 3,700 patients. The clinic has 68 beds for inpatient treatment. With appropriate clinical indications, the diagnostics and treatment can be carried out on an outpatient basis.

The clinic has a unified quality management system, which is implemented in all medical centers of the Hirslanden Group. The clinic also provides open annual reports on all important clinical criteria, so the patients can freely get all the information they need. In 2007, the Swiss Medical Association awarded the clinic with ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate.

The clinic is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by Lake Geneva and the Alps, which has a positive effect on the recovery of patients and helps to maintain an excellent mood during the treatment.

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology

François Majo PD Dr med.

Department of Oncology

Caroline Zwicky Dr. med.

Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Milos Savcic Dr. med.

Department of Radiation Oncology

Michael Betz Dr. med.

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Nathalie Portier-Marret Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology

Micaela Oedman-Jaques Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Hirslanden Clinic Bois-Cerf Lausanne live in comfortable and cozy rooms. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The standard room includes an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a table and chairs, a TV. Wi-Fi is also available in the patient rooms. If desired, the patient can live in an enhanced-comfort room with a safe, a fridge and upholstered furniture.

Meals and Menus

The patient and the accompanying person are offered a daily choice of three menus. If you are on a specific diet for any reason, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your dietary preferences prior to the treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



The religious services can be provided upon request.

Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, an accompanying person may stay with the patient in the patient room or at a hotel. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


During the outpatient program, you can live in a hotel of your choice. Managers will help you choose the most suitable options.


Lausanne is one of the most beautiful cities on the shore of Lake Geneva. This is a city of steep hills, which lie on tiers above the lake, forming beautiful natural landscapes. The city houses the International Olympic Committee, the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, the headquarters of the European branch of the World Doping Agency and various sports federations. In addition, Lausanne has the status of the cultural and youth capital of Switzerland and the canton of Vaud, since it has many higher educational institutions, colleges, art museums and modern art galleries.

Among the memorials of the modern city, it is worth noting the Lausanne Cathedral, the late Gothic City Hall, the Gothic Church of St. Francis, the majestic Beaulieu Castle, Palais de Rumine, Saint-Maire Castle, and Château d'Ouchy. Lausanne can also be proud of its museums. The guests of the city are pleased to visit the Museum of Archeology, the History Museum, the Olympic Museum, the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Museum at Beaulieu Castle. The Olympic or Elysee Park, the Hermitage or the Mon Repo recreation area are perfect for hiking.

The Pallu Square is also an attractive place for tourists. One can find here many picturesque cottages, cafes and restaurants serving national cuisine, as well as the City Hall with an arched gallery and an original fountain decorated with a sculpture of the goddess.

Active recreation lovers will be interested in watersports on the lake and mountaineering in the nearby mountains.