Rinecker Proton Cancer Therapy Center Munich

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Rinecker Proton Cancer Therapy Center Munich

The RINECKER PROTON THERAPY CENTER (RPTC) located in Munich is the first European proton radiation center for outpatient treatment of tumors to offer a complete hospital setting. Established by Munich-based surgeon Dr. Hans Rinecker, Ph.D., the long-term goal is to set up additional facilities in other cities and countries.The RPTC has been in clinical operation since March 2009 and is designed to treat up to 4000 patients annually. It is available to patients with statutory or private health insurance. It is approved to irradiate all tumors previously treated with X-ray radiation as well as according to international proton therapy regimens. “Research” or “experiments” are not conducted at the RINECKER PROTON THERAPY CENTER!


Further details

The centre have:

The centre have private toilets.

The centre feature Wifi.

The centre have a TV.


The hospital have newspapers in German.

Accompanying person

During an outpatient program, your accompanying person can stay in a hotel of his choice. 


During the program, you can stay in a hotel of your choice.

About the city

Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It is located in the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. This city is not only cultural center, but also industrial and research one. The city is a mix of historic buildings and modern architecture. You can see there the Old and the New Town Hall, the Church of the Holy Spirit, many museums, and world wide known Munich Park.

Rinecker Proton Cancer Therapy Center Munich:
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