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Benign brain tumors: can they be benign and dangerous at the same time?

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Attitude of patients and healthcare professionals to benign brain tumors is rather contradictory. On one hand, such tumors are not connected with oncological process – they grow slowly, or even remain the same size, do not invade nearby tissues and organs, and stay at the site of origin, without metastasizing. Benign tumor is...

Breast cancer diagnosis: when simple steps save lives, health and beauty

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Breast cancer deserves special attention as it is the most widespread invasive cancer in women all over the world. During last 20 years progress in screening tests and significant advances in laboratory and instrumental exanimations have led to substantial increase in breast cancer diagnosis rates. This results in better...

New promising option in GERD treatment – LINX Reflux Management System

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Due to changes in the lifestyle, dietary habits and physical activity level GERD affects more and more people in contemporary world. For example, more than 20 million people in the USA currently suffer from this disease. During last few decades GERD treatment options have evolved from symptomatic drug treatment to comprehensive...

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