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TOP 10 Best German Hospitals

24.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Hospitals rankings post image

Why is treatment in German hospitals so popular among medical tourists? Which hospital is the best? How to choose the right one and how to start treatment in Germany? For our readers, we have prepared a list of the best hospitals in Germany along with recommendations on choosing the hospital that is absolutely right for...

Benefits and Features of Germany Health care in the World Arena

24.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Treatment abroad guides post image

Medicine is developing at a rapid pace throughout the world. Many incurable illnesses are now cured. New treatment techniques are implemented to help ...

Stem cell treatment in Germany

22.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Reprogramming of the differentiated cells into the stem cells and some other applications opened the door to a new age of regenerative medicine. Regulatory, medical, and aesthetic aspects are on the agenda. Both in theory and reality a controlled cultivation of the embryonic and pluripotent...

Cancer Immunotherapy

17.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Biological therapy of cancer based on dendritic cells obtained from the patient’s blood is one of the most efficient means to beat cancer. Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Jäger at Heidelberg University Hospital summarized about the limited and almost primitive approaches of chemotherapy, which involves an injection of the so-called ...

Cancer treatment with dendritic cells

16.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Treatment of cancer utilizing the dendritic cell therapy can be called one of the latest directions in oncology that has already approved itself. Dendritic cells are immunocytes having polygonal form with multiple branching. Their major function is to present antigens to the T-cells. In simple terms, dendritic cells expose the ...

Innovations in the treatment of children leukemia

14.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | New in medicine abroad post image

Leukemia is a deadly dangerous oncological disease that often attacks children unlike other cancer types. This pathology is impossible to treat with surgery as there is no a single localized tumor that can be removed. Malignant cells quickly spread throughout the body affecting the nearby and distant tissues and organs. 

Medical tourism: mainstream surgeries and manipulations

03.02.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Hospitals rankings post image

Medical tourism is a sector of an economic activity that is developing rapidly in the recent years. Number of patients who referred to foreign clinics for help is also growing steadily. No wonder, as the medical treatment overseas means reliability, quality and competitive prices, which is not the last thing during the crisis.

The Medical Travel Process from Start to Finish

25.01.2017 | from Booking Health GmbH | Treatment abroad guides post image

Medical tourism (or health tourism) is a comparatively new direction in the world`s practice. One cannot consider medical tourism to be a branch of tourism in general. This is a separate service sphere for people with extensive health issues. The inability to receive proper healthcare services pushed the development of health...

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