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Noise in the ears: causes and effects. What to do if it rings in your ears?

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Tinnitus is one of the most frequent symptoms with which patients refer to the doctor. This symptom is non-specific. That is, a doctor won’t be able to define the illness right away, as tinnitus accompanies many various pathological processes. Some of them are quite dangerous and can be even life-threatening. Let’s talk about noise...

Sarcoma treatment in Germany – innovative treatment methods in German hospitals

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Sarcoma is the collective name of malignant neoplasms that develop in soft and hard connective tissues. Such tumors often spread outside the heart, damaging nearby tissues. Metastases appear early, and repeated occurrence of foci is possible even after a surgical operation. The best results in the treatment of sarcoma were...

Treatment of Autism in the focused Foreign Clinics

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Autism is a mental disorder that is diagnosed in 2% of children. The etiology of the illness is unknown, as there is no single mechanism responsible for of its occurrence. Autism manifests itself with antisocial behavior, lack of communication skills, a tendency to rituals in behavior and systematization. The autistic child does not...

German hospitals and medical care offers effective methods for the treatment of arthrosis

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Arthrosis (osteoarthritis) is a non-inflammatory joint disease that causes cartilage degeneration and joint surface defects. This is the most common connective tissue disease. Its incidence among joint diseases accounts for 70%. It is believed that 20% of the world's population is diagnosed with arthrosis of varying severity.

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