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Innovative drugs and surgical techniques for restoring sight in Germany

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If seeing is believing, its no wonder that we rely on our eyesight to make sense of the world around us, and accomplish most of our tasks. However, once we experience problems with our eyesight, daily duties and work becomes more challenging. Modern ophthalmology is so well developed that in specialised German hospitals...

Cervical cancer prognosis: life expectancy and reproductive potential

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Cervical cancer is widespread, but one of the most treatable oncologic conditions, especially in early diagnosis. Right after detection of the disease all efforts are made to establish its stage and elaborate the most beneficial treatment plan. If a woman wants to have child in future, doctors always take this into consideration...

Sarcoma treatment in Germany – innovative treatment methods in German hospitals

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Sarcoma is the collective name of malignant neoplasms that develop in soft and hard connective tissues. Such tumors often spread outside the heart, damaging nearby tissues. Metastases appear early, and repeated occurrence of foci is possible even after a surgical operation. The best results in the treatment of sarcoma were...

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