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Benign brain tumors: can they be benign and dangerous at the same time?

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The attitude of patients and healthcare professionals to benign brain tumors is rather contradictory. On one hand, such tumors are not connected to the oncological process – they grow slowly or even remain the same size, do not invade nearby tissues and organs, and stay at the site of origin without metastasizing. A benign tumor is the...


Treatment of prostate cancer with radiation therapy

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The diagnosis of prostate cancer can shock even the most balanced man. However, the doctors say that prostate cancer is curable if it is detected at the initial stages and treated appropriately. In particular, radiation therapy has been successfully used in the treatment of prostate cancerRadiation therapy is a treatment method for...

Treatment of stage 4 adrenal cancer in Germany

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Adrenal cancer is a rare but very aggressive tumor. According to clinical statistics, it usually develops in people over 40 years old. More than half of the patients amongst these people are women. Since the adrenal glands are endocrine organs, the tumor is hormonally active in every 2 out of 3 patients. German hospitals use innovative...

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