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Why are German Rehabilitation Centers considered the best in the world?

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Rehabilitation is a complex procedure aimed at restoring the patient's health after receiving the main therapy or as the only method of treatment. Rehabilitation is necessary if any of the body's functions have been impaired as a result of illness or injury. Rehabilitation medicine in Germany deals with the rehabilitation of children... 

German paediatric hospitals offer the best in diagnosis and treatment

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Any parents who have the misfortune of requiring health care for their kids, only want the very best for them. Germany can truly boast about having the best healthcare system in Europe. Children from all over the world travel here to receive different kinds of medical help. German hospitals offer highly effective diagnostics and therapy...

The art of diagnosis in complex clinical cases: neuroendocrine tumors (NETs)

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A neuroendocrine cell tumor, or NET, is a relatively rare neoplasm that can develop in all body regions where the hormone-producing cells are present. Tumors that develop from the neuroendocrine cells preserve the ability to produce hormones and respond to the impulses from the autonomic nervous system. In addition to the unusual and...

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