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Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany

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Cancer treatment usually involves the use of conventional techniques that have proven their effectiveness in clinical trials. These include surgerychemotherapyradiation therapy, as well as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and other progressive directions of oncology. Nevertheless, in some cases, patients need alternative cancer treatments.

Cervical cancer prognosis: life expectancy and reproductive potential

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Cervical cancer is widespread, but one of the most treatable oncologic conditions, especially in early diagnosis. Right after detection of the disease all efforts are made to establish its stage and elaborate the most beneficial treatment plan. If a woman wants to have child in future, doctors always take this into consideration...

Non-surgical treatment of cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer is a serious disease that kills thousands of young women every year. Cervical cancer is usually  detected late and difficult to treat from stage 2 onwards. However, there are effective treatments to defeat it. Treatments for cervical cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Cervical cancer is treated...

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